A Prophet of God is not recognised by many people. It’s not the church of Satan that the Prophet of God gets the most enmity from, its from his her own people, God’s people. The Body of Christ is under tension, the different parts of the Body siding against other parts of this body. The Prophet is the mouth piece of God, the Prophet warns and teaches.

But no one wants to listen to the Prophet, why? The Prophet says Gods will and most people are not in Gods will. The people of God want to hear what they want to hear. So Pastors and preachers teach and preach doctrines etc that will please the people. The Prophet of God is not welcome, he is too hard on them people think. The people of God suffer when they do not listen to the Prophet, why? Because the words the Prophet speak are real and must get their Mark or the Prophet is not a real Prophet. So if people of God turn away from the true Prophets words these people suffer. God is not to be mocked. Mock Gods Prophets you mock God. God’s people try and teach that Prophets are a thing of the past and are not in the Body of Christ now; these people teach false teaching and should not be listened to. Prophets of God are real as real as God is up in heaven. Trying to reject Gods spokespeople as false only upsets God and could make the Body sick. We the people of God must work together, we live in the one Body, we want to live in a healthy Body, what one part does or say or even thinks can affect all other parts in the Body. We must work together, we must recognise Gods gifts and callings. The Body is tense because most people in the Body are not in Gods calling. Working day and night in a false calling makes sick. Hearts are under duress. Hearts made to conform to a false calling make sick. Callings are first simple. Simple truth is the way to go. Pushing your body in to a calling not your own may bring death. Your body might fight against your head and your head might fight against your body. Doing physical exercise to try and control the body against the wishes of the brain in the head might work for a time then later either the body will get sick or the brain might snap. People try and get qualifications to prove that their calling is kosher. No calling outside God for you is kosher. People use IQ to ratify their calling. Nothing but God is the true foundation for calling. When the wind comes in intensity your so called calling could blow away.

So how to find true calling? It’s very very simple. Don’t go to man to find true calling. Don’t go to family to find true calling. You need much reflection to find true calling. Don’t worship money and riches. You can not buy true calling. Money is the idol of most peoples false callings. The world is about money. We are in this world but we are not of this world. Forget thinking of money when you reflect and pray about true calling. Think pure. Think of helping people. People are the temple of God. Put others first. Keep away from the temple of Satan. Satan has a living body temple. Don’t go after Satan’s wisdom. Keep chaste.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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