My thoughts for what they are worth:

This Somali man attacking people (On the recent news). People come to Australia from other cultures, cultures different from our own culture. Some of these people just do not adapt and fit in with our culture in Australia. No matter how hard they try and fit in and assimilate they feel they don’t belong. For starters their religion and beliefs are different. They might be Islamic in faith and Australia is predominantly Christian in faith. It’s not just about the colour of the skin being different, it’s the thinking that is different, it’s the culture and beliefs that are different. People might say humans are the same everywhere. Maybe so in ways but in many ways people are different. So what does a Somalian think back in Somalia? I don’t know but culture is a mixture of many different thoughts from food, drink, religion, festivities, beliefs, Government, work, etc. So it’s in the thinking. And thinking that does not fit in might get angry and fight. The culture within a culture fighting to survive. Multiculturalism has worked to a degree but over time it fights to survive, the dominate culture fights to survive and the interposing cultures fight to survive within the dominate culture. Cultures battle cultures for space to grow. Only one culture can win. We can not think to convert all imposing cultures to the dominant culture. People do not want to convert. So we get radicals in our main dominant culture, radicals that fight our main culture.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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