I am on a cruise. I am on the Sun Princess ship. I consider I am only what I think. I think what I am. There are illusions. We can so easily be deceived. Our minds can be trapped in webs of delusion. Delusion is deception. We can be caught out. Illusions are a play on our minds of deception. We fall under mockery. Satan rules much of this world. Satan rules many principalities and fiefdoms. I am in a illusion. Magic is being performed on me. Magicians perform illusions. Illusions are deceptive. Satan puts spells on people. Spells are illusions. Another way of saying it is “someone is pulling the wool over my eyes”. This cruise has a spell on it, magic is here.

What is not an illusion? I say simple thought. Simple is based on truth, the simple truth. A web of lies is complex. Layers and layers of complexity do not make truth. To keep ones sanity peel back the layers. Get to the simple truth. Original thought was simple thought. Adam and Eve did not think complex. Sanity is needs not wants. Needs are simple. Wants are complex. Here I am on a ship living in luxury and decadence but it’s an illusion. Do I need to eat and drink what I do not need, no. I get sick if I live for wants and not needs. Food and drink is endless on this ship. You are waited on, you only have to shower, shit and shave. The cabin is cleaned daily. We have servants at our call, room service is only a phone call away. Decadent life is the rich life and the rich life is usually sick.

I awake in the morning, I awake early, my brain awakes and it’s in to my exercises. I retire to the cabin bathroom and pray. I pray in the cabin bathroom for privacy. I pray and quote scriptures. This is exercises. I go in to the cabin proper. I run on the spot. I do physical exercises. It’s about survival. Survival means exercise. We are not meant to be inactive.

I sit outside on the cabin balcony, I sit in the sun. There’s the sun and there’s the Son. The Son is Jesus Christ God the Son. We are drawn to the sun and the Son. Humans need the sun and the Son. All physical centres on the sun and all spiritual centres on the Son (God). I get my tan I am marked by the sun, I get my mark from the Son.

I was in the ship library and reading room. I was reading a book, “Rising Star”, about Barack Obama. A group of people were walking past me, I looked up, there were a number of women walking past. These women were dressed in such a way that they alluded carnality. My first thought was “party girls”. I had heard the words “party girls” for cruise ships before. I in my thinking and I could be wrong think these party girls are just glorified prostitutes, but what do I know. Would reputable cruise lines really employ prostitutes on their cruise ships? No one talks about it. So I could have it wrong. These girls came once to dinner. Then I never saw them on the ship again, it was like they left at one of our ports of call. I forgot, I did see some of them in the bars one night.

I thought on these party girls. Now I do not really know who they were, it could be all part of the illusion on board ship. I did start to think, I thought about wisdom. I thought God gives His wisdom through Jesus Christ and Satan gives his wisdom through women. I think of the woman that sits on the back of the Dragon. So there are the Dragon women. These Dragon women serve Satan. Satans wisdom is perversion. Perversion means “A turning away”, and is a turning away from natural to unnatural. Satan’s wisdom is unnatural and God’s wisdom is natural. All Satan’s wisdom is perversion.

Then I thought of perversion. Perversion can mean many types of perversion not just sexual perversion. Eating and drinking can be perverted for example. We should eat and drink to survive, that means eating and drinking what is necessary to keep our bodies alive. But a lot of people eat and drink because they want to. Sex is perverted when it is not a need. God gave us sex but what for? For pleasure? Sex was given to procreate. Procreate is to have children. God said “Go and multiply”. Sex was not originally about desire or want but need. Food and drink was originally not about desire or want but need. God is about needs, Satan is about wants. Look at the rest of creation, the animals, birds, fish, insects, they function for needs. Are only humans perverted not other creatures? It looks that way. Perversion comes from Satan. It’s about perverting the soul. The Dragon women pervert the soul. Now in my books only humans have souls, so Satan and his Dragon women can not pervert animals, fish, birds and insects because such do not have souls.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Cruising and musing.



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