The female body is put up there above. The female body is worshipped. It’s Mother Nature worshipped. Do we worship Mother Mary Mother of Jesus Christ? It seems so. The Roman Catholics worship Mother Mary Jesus’ Mother. We love Mother Nature, yes we love the Mother, we love Mother Mary. Surely Jesus Christ loves His Mother.

But does Jesus Christ worship His Mother? Jesus is God the Son, Father God begat Son God. Does the Father God worship Mother Mary? Does the Father God worship Mother Nature. God is both male and female. So why do males worship females bodies? Apostle Paul (Bible) says the husband is the head of the wife, the husband has the mind of Jesus Christ (or should have), the husband loves his wife as Jesus Christ loves the Church. The wife submits to the husband as the Church submits to Jesus Christ.

What proves Apostle Paul is right about this husband wife headship relationship? It’s plain to see for all. Look. The male has short hair and the woman has long hair. Simple. It’s in the head. It’s plain to see. The woman’s long hair covers her head to glory in her husbands head. The husband has short hair to glory his headship of God. Simple.

The world acts upside down, they put the wife’s body up there in authority over the head (mind) of the husband. Children grow up in families where the authority is the wrong way around. Children act out what their parents do. The woman’s body now rules the man’s head. People think it’s normal for women to rule men using their bodies; it’s not normal it’s a perversion; it’s a turning away from God and is unnatural. Women also will still wear long hair and act unnatural. Women know it’s wrong to have short hair. I like my hair very short, it’s natural, I like glorifying my head. I have the mind of Jesus Christ.

Children have to be taught the truth and know the errors they have been taught by their parents and get back to natural thinking. Satan is around and loves to see perversion.

Women if you think I am writing nonsense then go and shave all your head hair off or at least get a total number 2 cut. Perverted women wear very short hair. Perverted means turning away from God. Males who wear long hair are glorifying the women’s body and not the God head.

So when we see a woman with very short hair we may see perversion. When we see a man with very long hair we may see perversion. God is a God of order.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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