God was very angry when a King of Israel made plans to do a count of all the people in Israel. A census was started, this being the first one. God hit back I think there was a pestilence. God said to the King, I think a Prophet was sent by God to the King, to say that the Kingdom was going to be punished and a list of punishments was said and the King was to choose one. I think one was a famine, the other I do not know, yes one other I think was a pestilence. The King chose the pestilence I think. People were dying all over, the King or was it the Prophet pleaded with the Angel of God to stop. God relented.

God hates censuses. God wants to rule from above. God wants to be the intelligence. God Head not Man or Woman Head. God knows everything and that should be enough. God says he knows the number of hairs on your head, why do you humans want to count yourselves, I God already know that, trust God. So man trusts himself not God. God knows all, why does man or woman want to know all, just be satisfied that God knows all. Man and woman do not trust God. Man and woman want to rule. Men and women in Israel in the early days were ruled by God through Prophets. Prophets simply passed on God’s messages. These Prophets did not rule. God ruled. One major Prophet chosen by God was Gods main messenger. We had Samuel. But the people rebelled, “We want a King they said”. God said to the people through His main Prophet, “A King will make wars with other nations, your people will die in wars, the King will make you work like slaves on his properties”. Still the people called for a King. God was angry at His people for making this request but God relented and gave them a King. Israel then had many Kings and with these Kings there were many wars. Humans are stupid. Only God is bright and clever. God is light, all true light comes from God, God is the giver of light.

Now we have just about most people putting their trust in men and women and not God; we have people watching and listening to other people all in the name of law and order. Censuses are rampant, people want to know all about everyone else. People want to know. People rule not God. The body rules not the God head. Human spirit rules. Because ruling by man is so hard, people turn to artificial to help them. People ruling is hard on their hearts for example. And it’s just not their hearts it’s every part of their body that is taxed hard. People turn to artificial intelligence to rule people. It’s computers and later robots. Humanoids will be the vogue. But there is good and evil. Good will rule through artificial and evil will rule through artificial. Man can not rule through their own natural flesh and human spirit, it’s so unnatural. God above, the God head, is the natural ruler. The God Brain was made to rule, so man may become part robot what we call cyborg and rule. Cyborgs will rule and humanoids will rule. Humanoids are robots looking like humans and doing functions like humans but with much more strength and powers.

So will the good against evil revert to an artificial war? But God has the last say, see what is made by God is easily controlled by God. So as long as there is soul and spirit and flesh and plants etc God controls them. So why did God not just give say Hitler a heart attack? Good point. What were the ruling spirits thinking then? Who sanctioned Hitler? God has His reasons. God works in the natural, God is not artificial. Good will try and use artificial to combat evil but this is not good. The way to win against artificial is to use natural. Natural will win in the end. The good forces won’t win with artificial, this is Satan’s domain, but people are blinded by Satan. People are sinners. Don’t use dark against dark, use light against dark. The people of Israel wanted a King to rule them so they died in many numbers. It’s too late to go back to God simply ruling. We have made our bed and we have to lie in it. Trials and tribulations will come. Wars will come. Then a big fire.

Satan a fallen Angel was first created by God. That is the punchline. What God has made God can control.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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