A riveting read. How the human spirit can be so strong. This book just affirms to me that we are spirit and soul in a physical body.

We are what we want to make of it, we make choices, we are thinkers, we have words to help us. It’s mind over matter, the matter is the physical body and the mind is in charge of the body and we can endure much pain in the body as long as the human spirit does not give in.

Jan escaped through Norway in to Sweden but he had help from so many people. People say “God helps those who help themselves.” Jan certainly did his part in the escape. People say “Where there is pain there is gain.” Jan certainly gained but at the expense of much much pain.

It’s about good over evil. War is just not in the physical. War yes is in the physical but also in the spiritual. True Godly Saints fight just in the spiritual and not the physical but that is only for the chosen few, most people in war are not so spiritual so their war is both physical and spiritual. We can not all be pure saints. Jan fought physically and spiritually. Jan won through.

Often after the physical war the spiritual war goes on. To overcome any resulting demons might take years. Scars on the mind from wars take years to heal. Militaries in this world have been unenlightened about the soul and war. War is just not physical. We have soul and spirit and Governments and their military have to realise that to fight the fight is inward as well as outward. Many soldiers return from war continuing to fight their demons, they may never get peace of mind. Peace comes with forgiveness and love. We much teach our soldiers how to get peace of mind.

My book review grade: 8/10 (eight out of ten).

I loved reading this book.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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