Royalty; there’s only one royalty to me and that’s God and His elect.

We must mature our type of rule. Worldly kings and Queens were stepping stones in getting to a better model of rule. Kings and Queens were a transition phase. We just don’t stop with Kings and Queens. Kings and Queens are autocratic rule. We act like our Queen is not autocratic and she is in many ways not autocratic but she still has the over riding power if she chooses to use it. Our Queen acts like just a figure head of power, like a statue to be just looked at and admired. Kings and Queens in the past were a necessity for Government but they are not needed now. I mean who wants to be a serf and come and go according to what the Lord of the Manor says. Manor Lords still exist, these Lords have much land and people live and work on this land paying the Lord for these rights. We don’t now call the Lords tenants serfs, they are called other names. Lords are not common now, though we have a House of Lords in Westminster Government. Lords of the Manor and serfs was English and European. Russia also used to have this archaic system of Lords and serfs. Asia had its war Lords in the past. Why hold on to a obvious out dated system of Government that is past its use by date. Autocratic Royal rule is first steps in rule but in a mature model of rule we think of democracy, rule by the people for the people. Why have a Queen? What’s the point? Who wants the Queen giving us orders? We rule not the Queen. So the Queen knows to keep quiet. The Queen does not interfere she’s got too much to lose, the public money for one. The Queen wants to protect her descendants futures. The money is good.

People who droll all over and worship the royal family makes me think immature, it’s like idol worship.

The Queen I don’t mock or judge. It’s the system of rule I criticise. I don’t criticise any of the royal family of the U.K. They are people like you and me and who wants to be derided. If you want to worship someone, look up, human spirit in the heart look up. Or do people so immense themselves in the material world that they can not see past the skin of a person. Do idol worshippers lack insight?

Democracy has proved to be the most and best benevolent type of rule. We must get away from any form of past rule and go democracy fully. Don’t hang on to past things. In with the new out with the old. Don’t clutter. We are not serfs anymore so there should not be any Kings or Queens anymore. Do we need ruling figure heads? Like we need our teddy bear. We hold on to our teddy bear with all strength. We look to our teddy for help and friendship. Children have teddys not adults. Australians now in many numbers have no connection to Great Britain (not called great any longer). I am descended from family way back who were in Great Britain. I am white as they come. I am pure white. But I know when an out dated rule is out dated and is not needed anymore.

So many white Australians hold on to the Queen like they held on to their teddy or doll when they were young. The Queen will save us, she will protect us, she will look after us. Crap crap, she’s not going to look after you, she won’t protect you. God saves. God protects.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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