IT’S VERY SIMPLE……………………….

Worship the Creator not the creation, know the Creator not the creation, love the Creator not the creation.

People worship the creation not the creator. Intelligence goes before and is behind creation. The creator is intelligent. The creator designs his creation in words and pictures. Atheists say that creation was not made by a intelligent God. Atheists say creation came by chance. Scientists prefer to be atheists, this gives them the notion that they can know creation and not know the creator. Science is about knowing the creation. Science is not knowing about the creator. Science looks entirely to the physical whereas God the creator is invisible. God is Spirit. Science does not learn about spirit. Scientists can also be agnostics. Agnostics believe in a creator God but do not want to know Him. Ag as against and nostic as in knowing. Against knowing God. Agnostics might call the creator God the “Higher power”. Agnostics sit on the wall between God and mankind. Agnostics go halfway with God but not all the way, they believe but don’t want to know. Atheism is complete unbelief in the creator God. Humanism is a form of knowledge but not centred on God but on mankind. Humanists can be believers in God and have a faith so we can get humanist Christians but on the whole most humanists are either atheists or agnostics. Humanists on the whole do not believe in an after life. Humanism is not Jesus Christ wisdom. Humanism is man made thought and in Western thought it goes back to the Greek philosophers and the later European Renaissance. Humanism was a rebellion against religion. Humanism wanted to learn the sciences and arts apart from religion. Humanism is anti religion and anti Spiritual. Before the Renaissance the church had much control over knowledge. The Priests controlled knowledge. Apostle Paul wrote about human wisdom, this is what we now call humanism. Human wisdom does not save the soul. Humanism is rife now a days especially in universities. Most university degrees are humanistic in quality. Science includes the humanities which is about art and culture.

Cultures are distinctly different according to their language, music, cuisine, art, dancing, education style, dress code: apparel types of clothes, religion, etc etc. Culture is where we breed and grow in. Religion is only a part of culture. Jesus Christ is not just about religion. Religion is a structure of thoughts and deeds and the physical for a distinct type of religion. Religion can be just a superficial structure of man made dogma nothing else. True Christian worship is worshiping Jesus Christ God the Son. We worship both the Son and His Father. Scientists look for their creator or higher power in the physical heavens. God is a physical conception through Jesus Christ, but Jesus takes us to the Father God who is not physical. We have a relationship with the invisible creator God. Jesus came in the physical to take us to the non physical. God is Spirit. God is within. God is in His temple within. We are that temple. God is not up there in the physical heavens. God is not on another planet. God is Spirit. God is invisible. God is in Jesus Christ. God made this universe through Jesus Christ and for Jesus Christ. Where is Jesus Christ? Ask God. Somethings are better not known. All is revealed over time, but that time might be a long time. Revelation takes time. We are left with knowing that Jesus Christ is at the right hand side of the Father God above. Keep it simple, above means above to your human spirit. Science is not about God Spirit. Go to Jesus Christ to learn about the creator God. Pray to God, read the scriptures, believe. Jesus Christ is not taught at universities. Religion is taught at universities. Religion is about the outer not the inner, God is in. Learn from within. Look within. All truth is within. God is all truth. All Godly truth is simple. It’s always the simple truth to God not the complex truth. Complex just winds up the heart. The simple heart needs simplicity of thought. Spirit in the heart needs the simple truth. Don’t build ivory towers (don’t go into outer space) up in to space to find the creator, you won’t find him that way. Scientists are greedy to find alien life up there. I think it’s a vain and thankless task to seek aliens up there. Why would God create other life up there? God is here. God made one. One universe, one earth, one creation. God made His home with us. God’s home is here in Spirit. So do we need to know about the creation? Why not just know the creator. Do we have to love the creation? Why not just love the creator. Do we have to worship the creation? Why not just worship the creator. Ignorance is bliss. Let go and let God. Do we really have to know as God knows? Science will not save the soul. God only saves the soul through Jesus Christ no other. To acknowledge the Son of God you acknowledge the Father God. Have a relationship with God through Jesus. Is Jesus Christ about culture?

I know religion is about culture but religion can be just about rules and regulations and human dogma. Is God’s Spirit about culture? Jesus Christ rebelled against the religion of His time on this earth. Jesus is not much about religion. Religion can often just be buildings, it’s about the outer not the inner. Jesus is about the inner, God within, Emmanuel. Jesus was a Jew He came out of a religion but He did not condone it. Jesus culture is Spirit. Mankind makes culture. So do we need culture? Apparently it’s needed. Culture sets us apart from other cultures. There are thousands of cultures in this world and in each culture there will be religions of all kinds. Cultures do each have their own dominant religion. Culture can be eroded. Culture can lose its culture. Most young people in some countries don’t have any identity now because they have lost their sense of culture. Identity and growth is in culture. Jesus Christ was king of the Jews. Jesus taught at synagogues. Jesus came to save His people. Spirit thrives in culture. Jesus came not to judge but to save. Science is not necessary culture. We can have culture without science. Science to many people is mandatory. Without science many people are lost. But if you want to know all about the creation why not first try and know all about the creator. Knowing creation won’t save the soul. The creator saves the soul.

You are human spirit, worship upwards. You are in the heart. Intelligence is above. Intelligence made you. Intelligence was always there. You are a wonderfully designed human. Have I confused you? I have confused myself. What do I really know? If you have got anything from all these writings then good on you, I am pleased. I wish I knew all, I have hope.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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One Response to “IT’S VERY SIMPLE……………………….”

  1. Amanda Says:

    If by not worshipping someone I deserve to suffer in torment forever, then so be it;

    No one should expect to be worshipped, that is an egotistical and narcissistic expectation.

    If a creator does happen to exist then that’s great but they are not inherently worthy of worship, no one is, that is sick.

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