The Royal Commission in to Banks causes house prices to lower, why? The Banks since the Commission are going to make it harder for people to get home loans. The banks are tightening up their model of loaning, why? It’s not exactly pay back day on the public and the Government, it’s a away of shoring up their finances, it’s reigning in spending, its trying to be thrifty. House prices come down because home loans are harder to get.

So why all the worry, who cares if house prices lower? We should all be glad. Most or nearly all people can not afford to pay for their homes with cash so they borrow. But house prices are coming down but loans are harder to get, you can not have it both ways. I think house prices coming down is good. There has been too much credit in the financial system. Credit makes a bubble and bubbles eventually burst. Banks by tightening up loans lessens the likelihood of a bubble, in fact the bubble that is there will deflate. Loans make credit and credit is people living beyond there means, we become slaves of the banks and other lending institutions. We work but work to pay off our loans and high loan interest. Banks are increasing their home loan interest. Most people want a home, we have to live somewhere and most people hate renting they want to buy. Renting is gong no where but if we put what we pay in to rent to pay off a mortgage we are investing in our own home. This makes sense to pay off ones own home than pay rent. Big banks can control the nations economy. Homes are a necessity of life. Banks control whether you have a home or not.

So house prices come down because banks raise home loans interest. So we have to work harder to get a home loan. Newly married people want a home, why? To start a family is one.

I like house prices coming down. But it does not mean houses are easier to buy. Home loans are harder to get. So what do we do? We don’t want a recession, too much credit leads to a bubble and bubbles burst and we get a recession.

We do not want recession because money is lacking then. But we also do not want too much money in the system. So what do we do? We tame the system, we act disciplined, we spend within our means. Don’t all act like rich rich when we are not. Act simple, go for needs not wants, go for simple tastes. We must keep an eye on how much money is in the nations system, we want to keep it at a amount that is balanced. If you want money you work for it. Don’t abuse credit.

All truth is simple. Keep focussed on one. One God. One God Head. One brain one body. One universe. Don’t worship idols, idols are many. You are spirit. One spirit to one God Spirit.

Don’t be beguiled by humanism. This is human wisdom apart from God wisdom. God’s wisdom is ONLY through Jesus Christ. Intelligent people can beguile you with humanism, humanism is fake gold, it’s not genuine. Intelligence can be an anomaly of wisdom. Intelligence I regard with much credence but Christ’s wisdom I honour more. Intelligence is good but Christ’s wisdom is better. Intelligent people who are wise of Christ are gold.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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