Hair can be such a distraction. I have watched these cooking shows on television and I see women having long hair, that’s okay, but their hair for some is in their face. How come? They don’t tie it back.

It irritates me as a viewer watching these women often pushing their hair away from their face. It’s not just a stupid look its unhygienic. Touching your hair often and touching food is not clean. The television producers need to have rules here.

So now I see military personnel wearing beards. When people are in the front line of whatever whether it’s cooking or defence or any front line battle they need to keep everything as simple as possible. In front line such as defence peoples lives are at stake. Beards to me are a distraction, they for one are unhealthy, hair can be unhealthy unless it’s managed often. Military personnel at the front line should not be about managing hair they have enough on their plate. Hair on military males needs to be short a number 2 cut at least. Hair on women military needs something like hair nets, this is for the front line. It’s not about looking pretty for the front line.

Why do males want to wear beards? Beards take time to manage. There’s washing, cutting, combing. I think males want beards to make them look mature. This world acts upside down. It’s the same with smoking, the youth begin smoking because they think it makes them look more adult. Stupid stupid.

Beards make you look untidy, unkempt and is a dirty look. Its like a rebellious look. Rebellious against authority. In the military especially it’s about defence and killing; authority has to be respected, it’s about obeying orders from authority. You just obey orders, simple. Beards try and make you individualistic set apart from authority. You don’t need a beard, what sensible use is it? Beards do not make you look more mature, just as smoking does not make you more mature. People don’t want to look clean, clean cut, clean mind; people want to be dirty. Clean to people is being a nerd. Dirty is normal to most people. Dirty is fun.

In the front line people play dirty. But clean wins the day. A clean fight is the best fight. Don’t play dirty. Play to win though. Defence can be clean. Killing you say is dirty. Can be. But fight the good fight, fight against evil, use good to overcome evil. God is good, Satan is evil. Good wins against evil. In a chess game you lose pieces to win but good though losing pieces wins in the end.

Beards and long hair for males give the impression of dirty fighting. Long hair on a male is a disgrace, the head is to be honoured, don’t cover it. Long hair on a male gives the impression the male is about the body and not the head. The male is more about the head and the female is more about the body. Worship upwards. God is above. The mother is loved as in Mother Nature love but God above is also loved. We need both Mother and Father to grow. We can not be birthed without male and female contributing.

So me number 2 cut all over my head. Clean cut. Head first. Mind over matter. Head rules the body. Mind of Jesus Christ. Headship of God. God above. Soul saved above. God Head.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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