Education, qualifications, wisdom, humanism, knowledge

You pump in you pump out. In and out. Where does all our education go in our mind? Is our mind a sieve that can take billions of words? Can we keep on forever pumping information in to our brain mind soul?

Then there’s qualifications, you just need a A4 size paper with a educational institutions seal on. Get the qualification and forget all the education.

True education comes with practice. Work with your hands and learn. You must practice what you learn. Practice makes perfect. Don’t just shovel all the information in without using it practically.

So to get jobs you need qualifications, not education but qualifications.

At college I was fed knowledge day in day out. But not only was I shovelling it in during the day but I had to shovel it in at home after college. I could not get the knowledge to stay. So there was the revising. Homework each night might be for 2 hours. Set homework was checked the next college day by the teachers.

What I found out about college school university was that it was the intelligent students that succeeded. I studied for school certificate (New Zealand) and studied to no avail, it was like just a waste of time, it was stupid, why? Take the school certificate science exam, 48% of this exam was multi choice, 3 answers were given you choose the correct answer. I noticed that the exam questions for multi choice had nothing to do with what we were taught in class, the questions were just what we call commonsense questions relating to science in every day life. So my conclusion was that high intelligent students could pass this exam and never have studied for it. I found that the rest of the exam was mostly not covered in our subjects taught to us in class. I surmised that highly intelligent students would find school certificate a breeze. Maturity is of note here. A mature student has a better chance at succeeding at exams. Maturity goes with discipline and highly intelligent students are more noted for discipline and maturity. Immature students tend to fail.

Homework was like hard labor. Sit in classes on chairs all day then go home and sit down for about 2 hours – this is no fun for a young person. The youth need out door exercise and running not sitting. Students need to explore, see, go to factories, learn how things are made, bus trips around the environs, speakers on different subjects of expertise to come to the school college and explain to the students, learning from movies, slide shows, trips abroad, see the world, staying in the wilderness at cabins, time in class just to read books. And the best education is being mentored and taught by the elderly; each student to be paired with an elderly retired person say the elderly living at retirement homes; the students can see their elderly mentor a few days a week for a few hours each time and can write up a biography on their mentor. This not only is good for the students but is good for the elderly so we get a better society. Students should also in pairs volunteer to help out at charities; students can write reports on their charity activities. Students who are interested in the military should be given training at College. Army officers in the army reserve should be allowed to come to the college say one day a week for a few hours and teach interested students; teach map work, teach physical self defence, teach out door survival. Students interested in flying should be encouraged that is if there is a local aerodrome nearby to take up flying lessons. Navy reserve and airforce reserve officers should come to the college and teach a class each week. I have already mentioned that invited speakers with expertise should come to the college and share their experience; lawyers, doctors, dentists, pilots, accountants, members of parliament, engineers, religious, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, etc etc etc. There is a wealth of experience out in this world to be tapped; many people who have an expertise would jump at the chance to share with students a few days a month. We are looking first for experience. Every student from College age should keep up with local and world news; reading the daily newspaper is a must; class time should be set apart to read the daily news and discuss it in class. Students should be encouraged to write letters to the paper editor about topics that mean justice and truth for others. Students need to be taught a desire for justice and truth and fairness and standing up for the under dog.

I am sure most of the knowledge I learnt in school college university left me after a short time.

The key to knowledge is wisdom. Wisdom is a wise human spirit. Knowledge is learnt through a wise human spirit. Without wisdom knowledge is a waste of time. But there is wisdom and there is wisdom, wisdom of this world is called humanism, whereas wisdom of God is Jesus Christ. Most people choose humanism to learn from. Humanism is weaker than Christ’s wisdom. Humanism is limp compared to Christ’s wisdom. Christ’s wisdom is strong as iron.

In my youth I had neither humanism or Christ’s wisdom so I was a candidate for failure from the beginning. It was only later in my adult life that I received Christ and started true learning.

The more I think about all the education I received from academic institutions the more I am riled up to think it was a lot of wasted time. Humanism is rife in academic institutions now. God has been forsaken. It’s about competition not collaboration, this is stupid, we should not compete we should collaborate. Teachers should help everyone learn not just the high intelligent ones.

I hate humanism. Religion also can be bad. We must return back to God and His Holy Spirit. I know religion was bad in the past, so we got the renaissance; this was a birth of knowledge made available to everyone. We got the printing press. Religion lets us down. The priests have let us down. But humanism is akin to a betrayal of God. Humanism is learning without God. A lot of humanists are atheists.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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