Boris Johnson is nationalistic right wing. Boris wants to keep British and Scottish and Welsh culture. Nationalists hate immigration from other outside cultures they see this as a means to dilute their own culture. Nationalists of Boris’ mettle want to retain the white skin superiority, keep the Christian Church as the main religion. President Trump is also a nationalist. Trump wants white skin to rule and belittles other religions not Christian.

So what is culture. It seems culture is very important to a countries identity. Culture is the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society. It’s the arts and other manifestations of intellectual achievement regarded collectively. Culture is the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people that include religion, cuisine, social habits, music, and arts.

Boris wants to especially protect the British culture. The world talks about globalisation. Europe has being going global. Global brings people together whatever their culture is, it mixes up cultures, but global wants one culture. Europe the EU was eroding British culture. The U.K. is now multi cultural. Can people give up their in born culture?

Do people need culture? I see religion is part of the culture. So we need culture it’s our field of growth just as plants grow in a culture. Bacteria grow in a culture. A culture is the collective. The collective grow together. Cultured people are cultured according to the culture they are bred in to and grow in.

Now a days in different areas of the U.K. there are so many immigrants from different countries that to be British is a no no. But do these immigrants try to keep their own culture the one they had back in their former countries. I think immigrants do try and keep their former nations culture, so we have a problem. We have many people in small areas trying to keep different cultures. Different cultures have different languages, customs, religion, cuisine, arts, manners.

Culture is what we grow in to be cultured. So what happens with many cultures living together? A culture will try and dominate and take over the other cultures. Cultures spread. Cultures grow. Cultures need space to spread and grow.

Boris is scared that other cultures will try and erode and take over and destroy the British culture. When many immigrants from other cultures come in to a nation the right wing nationalists fight back. Governments that are nationalistic get voted in. The home culture fights for survival. Boris and his likes are fighting for their cultural survival.

Institutions of the land grow from the main home culture. To protect these main standing institutions the home culture will fight. Now we have Angela Merkel of Germany having a threat on her leadership by nationalistic forces because of immigration of other cultures. Europe is a hot head of nationalism.

I respect culture. We need to grow in a setting. We need to grow collectively. The U.K. is being strangled of its English culture.

Each nation has its own culture, is that bad?

The U.K. voted in Brexit to retain English culture. Globalisation dilutes culture. The EU was diluting English culture.

Do we need one global language, one world religion, one cuisine, one Government, one set of customs, one set of laws?

The Tower of Babel in the Bible was a result of man being one collective and trying to climb high to reach God in the heavens. But God is Spirit. God is understood Spiritually not physically. Revelation about God comes from Spirit not the physical. Heaven and hell are a spiritual revelation. Man tries to reach God in the physical, man is stupid. Man reaches up in to the physical heavens, all in vain. Man made the Tower of Babel and God got angry. Fools. You are spirit. Learn in spirit. Don’t learn in flesh. Flesh dies. Spirit is from God and goes to God. Die to the flesh live for spirit and soul. Spirit save the soul. Jesus Christ saves the soul no other. Man now is trying to go collectively global and to reach out to the above again in the physical; not wise.

I sympathise with the nationalists. These nationalists who are patriotic to their own culture and don’t want other cultures coming in and diluting their culture have a case. God broke up the one main language at Babel in to many languages because collectively man working as one tires God out and works too much against God. Breaking up man’s one collective makes man weaker and less a problem to God. Man can fight against man and not against God. Reaching to the physical heavens (as against the Spiritual heavens) in a tower was just a last straw that broke the camels back, it was far too stupid not to notice.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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