I have attended many Pentecostal churches in my time. I socialised and made friends with many Pentecostals but now I just have one Pentecostal friend and he’s a friend I have known for since 1980. We are good friends the best. I don’t go to church now, okay I do, but only to mediate and pray and that’s during the week, I don’t attend worship on a Sunday.

I attended church services on Sundays from about 1980 until about 5 years back and I attended just about every Sunday except where I was away on holidays. So I attended church every Sunday for about 33 years. I attended Protestant churches and mainly more the traditional like the Baptist or Presbyterian and of course later the Uniting Church. My first main introduction to Church was the Baptist Church. I flirted with Pentecostal but on the whole though I liked being around the younger people I felt it did not gel with me.

In my older age or my defining age as I might call it I worked at a church. I call it my defining years because church work gelled with me. I married and made a home with this church living on site. These years were good and bad. Church politics came in and I was challenged by a person in the church leadership who did not like me. I found this person toxic and thought she was not good for the church, I held in and won and she moved on. I thought that I was called to this church. This was a traditional church, a Uniting Church but still heavily based on its former beginnings the Presbyterian Church. I may have roots going back to Scotland but I am not sure. I did not preach at this church. I was like a Church Warden. I enjoyed this traditional church more so than my time in the Pentecostal Churches. I found Pentecostal was mainly the younger people. Young people who think they know it all can be bigoted and militant. Bigoted people can bully and be pushy. I did not like bigoted. Traditional church as I found when a woman church leader was toxic to me and made my life a misery proved that she was a hypocrite. But what is better a hypocrite or a bigot? Church on Sunday’s is no more for me, worship together has no appeal for me. I like meditating and prayer and reading the Bible. Each morning I engross myself in prayer and the bible. I hardly ever miss this.

Church and it’s attendance was useful. Church each Sunday yes was like a crutch. But young people are not wise. Youth need to mix with wise people. Wisdom comes with time. The cross is our crutch. The cross of Jesus Christ and not church should be our crutch. It hurts to die to ourselves. We carry the death of Jesus and ourselves inside. Jesus yes died many years back but we too share in Jesus death. We die to live. Dying is hard and though the cross should be our crutch we need other people to fellowship with who will help us each carry our crosses. Carrying a cross and dying on it is not easy. We go to church to get encouragement and boost up our faith. We help each other. We pray for each other. We share with each other.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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