From news article: “A driver accused of causing a fatal crash that killed two women, including one who was pregnant with twins, could face another manslaughter charge if an autopsy finds one of the unborn children drew breath in the moments after the collision”.

So this news article says that a child still unborn is not a separate living human. The unborn child is part of the mother. The article says the child only becomes a living individual from when it takes its first breath. People are alive when they breathe. Spirit comes and goes with breath. We are essentially spirit and soul in a physical body. So does the spirit and soul come to a infant when it takes its first breath? This article suggests that an unborn child has no spirit and soul yet.

I go along with this; spirit and soul come with breath. The physical body is not spirit and soul. The physical body is like a covering.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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