Two University degrees and cleaning toilets (from news article,: on dole can not find work); why not use those degree papers to clean the toilets; are not degrees just A4 paper, nothing else, just to put up on your wall and show off to people.

Now if you had a trade that is something different. A trade is a worthy practical hands on skill. We need trades people. We don’t need degrees. We need the likes of plumbers, electricians, mechanics, etc.

The State must encourage college students to go on to learn a trade not go to university. The State needs to sponsor lots of apprenticeships.

Getting a degree was a way to escape from working with ones hands. It was about a class system, the working class, the middle class and the upper class. The upper class own much land and are rich they do not have to work with their hands; the middle class are the managers and executives they work in offices pushing paper or now type on computers they usually end up at the end of the working day really working out at a gymnasium; the working class do hands on work they are the tradies and have very important skills they are too tired at the end of the day from real work to have to go to do extra work at the gymnasium.

When I was a student at Bible College I cleaned the College public toilets every Friday for yonks. I worked at a very important job, cleaning toilets is very very important, we need toilets so the public needs to pay money to those who are really working not to day dreamers in offices pushing paper or playing on a computer. Computers are leading to artificial intelligence and such is not natural. Artificial is not natural.

Okay I use computers, but I use them to preach. I internet preach. I am a Prophet and I preach and teach. The internet (like the tree of knowledge of good and evil) can be used for evil and good. We use knowledge that our fore fathers and fore mothers instilled in to successive generations to do good and bad. The good will cancel out the bad and the bad will cancel out the good; what do we have left? Nothing. The end will come with the result of nothing.

A hypothesis:

The good use knowledge (of good and evil) to destroy by atomic weapons all the evil and the evil use knowledge (of good and evil) to destroy by atomic weapons all the good. Will there be good against evil and evil against good wiping each other out, a fire that will ignite this world and kill off all creation on this world. Now I don’t know if this will happen. But it looks a certainty. We won’t know it’s coming, we will be warned by certain people, but for most of us it’s carrying on with the typical things, eating, sleeping, sex, holidays, work, making money, dreaming, etc. A person will be in the field, don’t rush back to the house, run for safety, where? I don’t know; the fire will vaporise you in seconds you won’t feel a thing.

Now I do not know for certain if the baptism will be atomic weapons or the sun. But it’s a fire, and water cleanses and fire cleanses and we have already had the water baptism now it’s the coming fire baptism. When? I don’t know.

In our vaporised state we will be free. But there is a hell. Not everyone goes to heaven. Heaven is a state it’s real but only understood in the spiritual not the physical. Don’t try and understand God in the physical. Worldly schooling does not teach you about God. Worldly schooling does not prepare you for heaven. Actually in most universities and schools if you wrote or spoke about Jesus Christ in any of your subjects you will be very quickly failed. I was at university for one year and wrote about Jesus Christ in my sociology exam, of course I failed. Sociology is anti Jesus Christ. Sociology is about humanism to the full and not the wisdom through Jesus Christ. Professors at university do not want to hear about Jesus Christ. Okay universities do have a theology curriculum but even here it’s not about Jesus Christ, yes it’s about God but not His begotten Son.

The Holy Scriptures say – “God made the universe through Jesus Christ and for Jesus Christ”; – yet a lot of people only use the word Christ when they hurt themselves. Christ is a no word to use in the many institutions of this world; I can understand that in nations ruled by Satan but this should not be so in nations ruled by God. Teachers and Governments of the free world are forsaking Gods Son at a fast pace. Christ is just a swear word to many people now, not in the dark nations but in the so called light nations.

God made this universe for Jesus Christ.

If I was king: and I had many subjects:

As king I would have many of my subjects working for me. I would pay them money for their works.

Here’s just an idea of what I would pay them. It’s just an idea but the message should be plain.

Manager of Royal domestic affairs: $30 per hour.

Secretary of State: $40 per hour.

Manager of Royal bank: $30 per hour.

Toilet cleaners: $70 per hour.

Plumbers: $50 per hour.

Computer IT workers: $30 per hour.

Electricians: $50 per hour.

Gardeners: $50 per hour.

Cleaners: $60 per hour.

Executive managerial positions: $40 per hour.

So I would reward those subjects with more wages those who work more with their hands and really work like putting a lot of physical effort. There’s no class system here.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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