The Chinese elite hate any threat to their rule. China is a totalitarian and authoritarian rule. The Chinese elite hate democracy, why? Democracy would take away the elites rule.

Churches are a threat to the Chinese elite rule. Churches foster independent thinking apart from the Chinese elite rule. Churches foster egalitarian and the Chinese elite do not want overall equality. The elite rule and the elite choose who will rule. Church is anti totalitarian and anti authoritarian rule. China’s rule is not based on Jesus Christ. Satan has China.

I feel like the Chinese rulers are impregnating this world with its control, it’s slow but it seems to be happening. It’s like the Chinese are wanting to saturate Western institutions. I see Chinese in the Western established church in positions of authority and I think are these Chinese linked to China’s rulers.

So I am suspicious when Chinese or any Asian person is in a position of power and authority in the free West. You might say I am racist. Could be but I think it goes much much deeper than the colour of the skin. I see snakes. Look at the eyes and see. Not all Asians are snake people, a lot are not, but the bulk are snake. I see. I see Asia as snake so that makes me think that the Dragon and his throne is Asian. Because China is the biggest and most powerful Asian country I think that the Dragons throne would be in China.

Most people or nearly all don’t see the snake in peoples eyes. You might think I am mad. I mean Sigmund Freud would think I have a snake complex. Complex no, not me, I am simplex. I am simple and straight. I see and think straight. I have no real time for the Freud’s of this world. I “see” where Freud though he had high intelligence he was no seer. Intelligence I like. I don’t mock intelligence.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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