Earning your way in to God’s good graces by works is not God’s will, it is childish and immature thinking.

Faith, we need faith and lots of it to believe in God and be saved. Works is okay to earn a living but not to save our souls. We work to get our physical needs but we have faith to feed our souls the Spiritual food of God. God is a Spirit. Spirit of God saves us not works. Works save the physical body.

We must work to survive physically.

Religion should not be based on works, religion should be based on faith and belief.

Religion should be about saving the soul.

Works can mess up saving the soul. Keep works for saving your physical body and leave religion to faith and belief. People use works to save their souls and this messes with their souls. Works are a physical thing for the physical. Soul is not physical. Spirit saves soul. Jesus Christ is Spirit. Spirit of God comes in to our hearts and saves our soul.

People do not fall in to their God calling. We in God’s will have a God calling, a vocation. Most people confuse saving their soul with saving their physical body. Our God calling is to serve God this does not save the soul God saves the soul. People use works to save the soul. Works is to provide for the body. Spirit feeds the soul. The soul is for eternity. And we later get an immortal body for the soul to live in. God calling is for what? Why would God give us a calling? We have to work, why? We need to survive physically. But our mortal physical existence is only for a very short time. Our calling is only for our mortal existence.

So humans confuse works and faith. People are plain immature and childish. Adults are childish. People lack insight. People don’t understand God. There is like a veil over peoples eyes. Satan blinds people. Satan’s women blind people. It’s the physical not the Spiritual.

If you could do works to earn your way in to heaven you would not need faith. Keep works out of religion. Work in your God calling. You can never work enough to please God. Work to survive physically but have faith to save your soul.

We have teachers who are not teachers. We have preachers who are not preachers. They were not sent by God. No wonder salvation is confusing to people. Works save your body for a short time. But we are soul. We are not just body. Soul is in the head is it not. Soul is a shadowy type of person, very minute, and spins (runs in a circle) around the inside of the head, I don’t know. If your head is spinning maybe your soul is spinning (running in a circle). We do also have a spiritual body.

Work by all means, but leave God to Spirit.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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