From news article: “Analysts believe the exercises are in part to train for a response to a potential nuclear conflict on the Korean Peninsula, as ballistic missile units are among those involved.”

So if North Korea and the USA had attacked each other – the news article surmises that Russia would then also have joined in the fight. Russia no doubt taking North Korea’s side. So Russia would be fighting the USA. And we see China involved in these war drills so China and Russia are showing their now close allegiance in time of war.

So why would the USA go to war with North Korea if this would involve Russia fighting on the side of North Korea and China also taking North Korea’s side; this is only but a Third World War.

So is this a sign? These Russian war games that include China.

China is waging an economic war in this world and its going to be global. China will have great economic clout in the world soon, and this will be backed up with great military might. So it’s a war on two fronts. Where people can not be bought by China, and most people have their price, China can threaten with physical might.

Why are these Russian war games happening over the East side of Russia, why the East and not the West? I suppose over West it’s too close to NATO military and Putin seems not to want to antagonise NATO. Putin if he goes to war, will it be towards and from the East or towards and from the West. Or from the East to the West?

Why is Putin having these war games? The USA had war games around the Korean Peninsula and Kim Jong-Un was livid. Kim thought the games were a drill for a future attack. So who is Putin exercising his troops against? Who is Putin threatened by? Kim was threatened by the USA and its war games. Trump has stopped the Korean War games. Putin is flexing his muscles but why, why on such a big scale? The USA, does it have big war games? The USA has war games but surly not on the big scale like Russia is doing. Is Russia just showing of its muscles to thwart any intimidation from others.

In my mind Russia is not carrying out these war games because of the Korean Peninsula situation, no. Kim has been ordered by Jinping to stop antagonising the USA. China is not ready for a war. China will buy everything it can buy first. Economic then military. Russia is mindful of the USA power. There is only one nation that Russia is shy of and that’s the USA. Putin I don’t think is shy of NATO. If Putin was going (alongside China) to war it will be across the Pacific.

War games are just that “war”. They are not called peace or defence games but war games. War is a state of armed conflict between different nations.

Most people are in a state of apathy; they are only concerned about where the next dollar is coming from. Their day consists of thinking of money and sex. They are consumed by their jobs. Their jobs eat away at them. People are dying from the inside so they have no time to think of looking for signs of war on the global stage. People are thinking about when they are going to get sex next. Most people are walking dead, okay not dead but asleep. People are thinking of lotto and a big win. Most people are slaves to their idols and false gods, either it’s nicotine or money or lust or alcohol or drugs etc. People are slaves. People crave freedom. People crave simplicity. You can run away from your gods, but run where? Your gods will catch you up, gods that hold you captive or you can get your freedom through Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ overcame this world and its idols. Jesus put this world at His feet, and also at the feet of the church the body of Christ of those people who are in this body. Satan was only overcome by Jesus Christ. Fighting off your own demons and demons from your family coming through the family line can not be overcome from anyway but through the Words of Jesus Christ. Human wisdom, humanism, is a fools gold way to submit Satan or overcome sins. Satan can not be over come with humanism. You can not quote human poetry or human literature or human psychology or human philosophy at Satan; Satan will laugh. How can you overcome Satan with any science, social or physical? It just does not work. Science is taught as social or physical but not spiritual. God is Spirit and God in Spirit created this universe. Science does not teach about God Spirit. To a lot of science it’s deluded to think that the invisible Spirit created the whole physical universe. The invisible made the visible, what? that’s stupid, where’s the proof? Science has proof to back it up, there no proof of this invisible God Spirit.

Bathe in the Words of Jesus Christ to get clean of your sins. The Words of Jesus and Jesus blood are the only pure cleansing to get clean, all other waters are dirty water. Don’t bathe in human words, that’s humanism, words of people are just as clean as what the people are, you are your words, so cleanse only in Jesus Words. Jesus is all pure, Jesus is sinless. Don’t follow the gurus and so called enlightened teachers of this world, the water they give you to clean in is dirty water. Their words are dirty, they think dirty. Wise people of God clean in clean water. Jesus Christ is the font of clean water. Jesus is Spirit. Man’s human spirits are just as clean as the person is, no more, and everyone is a sinner, everyone except Jesus Christ.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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