Satan has a church?

Yes of course.


Satan has to have a body to live in.

But why?

We need a home.

Does God have a body?

Of course.

What body does God have?

God created this universe through Jesus Christ and for Jesus Christ.

Where is the body of God?

The people of God are that body.

We are Christ’s body?

Yes, if you are in God and God is in you. We are God’s body.

Where is Satan’s body?

Satan’s body comprises members just as God’s body comprises members.

Who are the members?

People, human beings.

But where is the body?

Look see and hear and understand. There are two main bodies in this life, one God’s and the other Satan’s.

What other bodies are there?

None really.

Where are people who are not in these two bodies?


Lost where?

In the wilderness, body less.

Not in a body?

They wander looking for a home.


Yes their spirit roams lost.

What happens?

Some are saved, they come home, they come home to a body.

Where is heaven?

It’s not on another planet. Heaven is a spiritual revelation from Spirit to spirit, from God Spirit to human spirit. Heaven in trueness is not a physical revelation. The Bible scriptures are a spiritual revelation. Heaven is within. But in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ we get to live in an immortal heavenly body. We are saved in heaven in spirit and soul. The holy scriptures say the kingdom of heaven is within. Kingdom of God is another name for the kingdom of heaven. Heaven in the new immortal body is all around.

What about Satan’s church?

What about it?

Where’s heaven to Satan?

Satan has a body with many members, yes. The children of Satan carry the snake. The snake is not visible to the physical eyes. Prophets with insight might see it. Satan’s body does not have the kingdom of heaven within it. Satan I guess carries hell in his body. But I don’t really know but it makes sense. Hell and heaven are in bodies but two seperate bodies. Hell and heaven are spiritual revelations to be understood by human spirit and soul.

What happens to Satan and his children in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ?

Yer what?

You don’t know?

I don’t know. In the Second Coming we in the body of Christ become immortal like the angels and heaven is all around but hell, where is hell? Hell is real I believe. Hell is a place, a set place that is fire and burns. We as the saved in our immortal bodies and being like angels might know and see where hell is but we don’t go there. It’s a place set aside for Satan and his children.

Does anyone else go to hell?

The holy scriptures say that those souls hell bent of evil also go to hell. I don’t know who of God’s children go to hell. Some people believe in purgatory. But the biblical holy scriptures do not mention purgatory. God’s body has The Father God and God the Son Jesus Christ above. God’s body is a representation of heaven above and the world below. The headship of God is in His body. There must be a King that holds the headship of God. King David said “The Lord said to My Lord sit at my right side and I will put all your enemies at your feet”. David had God in him. David’s body was the temple of God.

God lives in someone’s body?


But God is supreme He is all powerful why would He live in a human body?

Sounds too much to understand.


Remember the invisible made the visible. God resides in his elect King. King David was king for a while. Who is the head head of our body of God?

I don’t know.

Jesus lives, He lives in us, He lives in our body, He lives in an immortal body and is the first risen to get an immortal angelic body. Jesus Christ is the head head of our body of God the church. Jesus is very much alive, but He lives above so we don’t see Him with our physical eyes. Jesus is in a spiritual place. To understand where Jesus is needs much much insight and know one yet understands it. Jesus is above and we can not see Him yet Jesus can be anywhere. Jesus is a mystery. You can not understand heaven if you have not been there. Only Jesus (understands) understood heaven because He came from heaven and went back there. Heaven is not up there to the physical eyes. No one really understands heaven. But the holy scriptures says the kingdom of heaven is here, not of this world but I say within. The holy scriptures say God is Emmanuel, God with us, meaning within. Jesus came down from heaven but how was that when He came (birthed) from a woman. How can coming from a human woman be coming from heaven? Because heaven is a spiritual revelation and not up there as people think. The answers to all life can be found from within. Look within to God’s kingdom, the kingdom of heaven. Satan’s body does not have the kingdom of heaven. Satan’s body obviously carries the kingdom of hell. There’s spirit and soul, to understand in either is hard.

How can we get the answers to life?

I said look within.

But I don’t see.

It’s insight you need.

Who does see?

Prophets of God are known for having much insight.

What about the rest of us who don’t have much insight?

Believe, have faith. There is a kingdom of God a heavenly one within.

But I want to see it.


I do.

There are some mysteries of God that always remain a mystery. Some mysteries are sealed up to be opened at such a time that pleases God the Father. Even Jesus Christ does not know all, only the Father God knows all. The answers to know God are in Spirit but man looks to life’s answers in the physical. Remember the invisible made the visible. God is the creator of the universe yet man does not go to God to learn. Man goes to creation to learn. Why not learn from the builder not just from the building. God is SPIRIT. Learn from the creator not just necessary from the creation. Worship the creator don’t worship the creation. It’s limp to worship the creation, its weak.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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