SCIENCE – “Please explain”

So I shall. I have explained that science is the knowledge that is metaphorically mentioned in the first book in the Bible, the book of Genesis, this is the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden. Eating of the fruit of this tree is called the FALL OF MANKIND. Adam and Eve the first humans ate of this tree of knowledge. There was another tree in the Garden of Eden called the tree of life; I liken this tree metaphorically to the Wisdom of Jesus Christ. God said eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil will cause death; I presume this death is to the human spirit and not to the physical body. I don’t think Adam or Eve were going to live for eternity in this Garden, so death to human spirit it was (I guess). God spoke about these two trees as distinct to all the other trees in this Garden. But is this Garden and these two trees an analogy to explain spiritual truths? God is Spirit. I like to think this Garden was real and Adam and Eve were real but I think the two trees in mention are metaphors for spiritual understanding.

I could really have it wrong to think the tree of knowledge of good and evil is science as we understand it today. Science, yes, is knowledge but is it the knowledge of good and evil? Science is not thought of as good or evil. Whereas conscience is about right and wrong. Con-science being the inner knowledge voice or feeling. Con, inside. This science inside guides us in our behaviour. So conscience and science are two different things, but both are knowledge. So is the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden the tree of conscience? We have a knowledge outside and a knowledge inside us. The outer knowledge is science and is about observing and experimenting with the outer physical realm. Conscience deals with the inner realm of thoughts, words, soul and human spirit.

We know science is knowledge. Science can be used for good or evil. But did science cause the fall of mankind or did conscience cause the fall of mankind? Do we need science and do we need conscience? Science has made a developed world. Conscience keeps people obeying the laws. Conscience makes for a law abiding society. Why should either science or conscience be wrong against God? Adam and Eve were in ignorant bliss, they both ate of knowledge and became wise; but what sort of wisdom? God did not want Adam and Eve to eat of the tree of knowledge but what is this knowledge? Has science helped mankind? Has conscience helped mankind? Adam and Eve were just simple. Adam and Eve were living in simple bliss. God provided. The Garden of Eden was full of food and water. So science and con-science maybe joining up and being the tree of knowledge. Maybe? We can not cross that out.

Where will science lead us? Cyborgs and robots. Machines ruling mankind. Cyborgs, half human and half machine robot. The Beast written about in the Bible; will this Beast be a cyborg? The number of the Beast, 666, Carbon, the name of a Man. This man being a Beast but a half man and half robot machine. Jesus Christ came in to this world as son of God and son of man. Jesus was half God and half human; not literally but it’s to explain that Jesus though all God, made himself a human creation to appear to mankind on this earth. So the Beast could appear as son of man and son of robot. So science will be used to create this Beast. Satan uses science as God also uses science. Science can be used in good hands and also in evil hands. Will science be the cause of the destruction of this world? One Big Bang, an atomic nuclear explosion killing creation. Atomic weapons could wipe out this world in a matter of hours; we have that science right now. So is science good or evil? Is this science going to cause the end of the world if so is science the tree of knowledge of good and evil? Conscience is knowing good and evil, is this the fall and not science? What’s wrong with having conscience? You would think knowing right from wrong is good to have whereas science might destroy this world. Conscience, can it destroy this world? Not that I know.

If the tree of knowledge of good and evil is not both science or conscience, what is it then? What else could it be? We know of no other knowledge and science is knowledge. Take your choice, if you could only take one, would you have conscience or science. Jesus Wisdom is about knowing right and wrong. Is Jesus wisdom another name for conscience? Is this inner voice really Jesus guiding us in spirit in our minds and hearts? Jesus never taught science to his disciples. The Bible is not about science. The Bible is about wisdom, knowing right from wrong. Science seems to be about only the physical realm whereas Jesus wisdom is for the Spiritual realm. Jesus talks about the Kingdom of God, a Spiritual kingdom. Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit to teach us. True worshippers of God worship God from human spirit to God Spirit. Why learn about our physical realm? We are spirit to God. Adam and Eve died when they ate of the tree of knowledge but how can conscience kill the human spirit? Or did their soul die? Mankind wants to learn all about the physical. But what about the spiritual? The spiritual realm is real. Jesus taught about the spiritual not the physical. The Bible is no text book. Text books teach the physical not the spiritual.

We still do not know about whether the tree of knowledge is science. We think conscience is not a bad thing. But did God want Adam and Eve to have conscience when the Garden they were in was bliss, paradise. Eating of knowledge consciously awakened Adam and Eve to their nakedness. But conscious could mean knowledge of science not conscience. Adam and Eve were awakened to their surroundings but why should they feel guilty of being naked? I mean there were no other people in the Garden so why worry. Science is it about being aware of the flesh or is that conscience?

I think science may kill off most of creation and not conscience.

I tend to think science is the knowledge of good and evil. I could be wrong. I don’t know for sure, I have no real proof. No one seems to know for sure. Please take my writings about science with a grain of salt. I could be wrong.

What I don’t like is to have science as a god to worship. If science is approved by God and is not the fall of mankind I do though think science has become a god to be worshipped by many people. Science has become a religion like sports have become a religion. We then have spiritual strongholds of science trying to mould the mind set of mankind on a massive scale. God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ are to be worshipped, no other. I do think many peoples Godly callings in many cases involves science. If science was the cause of mankind’s fall then science later became part and parcel of God’s will.

I thought about this science and conclude that the world is below my feet. The earth is my footstool. I am above the earth. The world sits on the earth. Heaven is above. I carry heaven in me. God’s kingdom of heaven is in us; not in the church of Satan, the body of Satan, but in the church of God, the body of Jesus Christ. We the saved are in the body of Christ. There are two main bodies in this world, one Satan’s and the other Gods. Then there are the lost souls; souls in the wilderness. I don’t need teaching from mankind, God’s Spirit is my teacher. I learn spiritually. My soul is above, saved. God puts all under me. King David spoke about “The Lord said to My Lord sit at my right side and I will put all your enemies at your feet”; this particular wisdom that David spoke applies to me. David was King, can I call myself a King? Certainly not in the worldly way, maybe in a spiritual way for the Kingdom of God. God is raising me up, higher and higher, up a metaphorical mountain where I will eventually hopefully understand much. I don’t understand all yet and science still puzzles me.

Monks and religious like to get away from it all, get away from the world, cut themselves off from the world and be in small communities. These religious give up the worldly things, like money and man made technology, electronics etc. These religious want quiet and peace, they pray a lot. So do these religious want “out” of science as well? No televisions at the monastery, no radios, maybe even no computers, nothing that has electrical but keep the lights and some appliances. The Amish religious community’s don’t drive cars. These religious use horse and buggy. The Amish don’t use much technology. They might use a bit. So do the Amish try to steer clear of science or conscience? Do the religious monks keep science or conscience away from them? I think science. I could be wrong.

Is science or conscience going to be the undoing of this world? Is there any other type of knowledge? Jesus wisdom is knowledge but I call it understanding. You be the judge.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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