Stephen the far right preacher. He’s got the smarts but does he have the integrity and good morals to fall back on when the squeeze is put on.

We are seeing Boris Johnson a populist leader in the U.K. pushing right wing ideals; Boris also has the smarts, but I like Boris, I hope his thinking leans in future away from any tendency to far right and if he is right then please centre right not right right. But Boris does not have a stable home life, he and his wife have separated and it looks like it’s going divorce. Every leader needs a stable home life, it’s like their rock. Politics is not always stable so a leader needs stability somewhere to keep their sanity. Boris now without a wife is open to temptation. Boris has a wife of good smarts, he should have worked more at his marriage even if it’s forsaking politics. Marriage is more important than status and money and career.

I saw Stephen Bannon being interviewed on television last night. I thought first that he was off his rocker but the more he talked the more he tried to keep stable on his rocker. So he has to talk and talk and talk, does he ever relax, he has to keep up his mind set and to do so he has to protect it with words and words and words. Take me I preach, but I preach Jesus, I preach God. My foundation is the bedrock of Jesus’ Words. I have God’s Holy Spirit. I have protection in Spirit. But Stephen has no real safe protection that he can fall on. Stephen is no God’s preacher. Stephen has no calling from God to preach far right teachings.

Stephen Bannon is far right wing political thinking. Me I adhere to a centrist thinking mind. I hate extreme thinking. Far right or far left in power is dangerous. But most people think centrist thinking is boring, it’s unexciting, it’s mundane, it’s plain, it’s too straight, it’s not kinky enough, it’s too disciplined, it’s no fun. Straight centre thinking is not fun? Who walks a straight middle of the line path now a days? I say Jesus Christ is a straight thinker and walks middle. Jesus uses right and left thinking but Jesus is in the middle.

The boat needs balance. If we have some people on the left side of the boat then to balance the boat you need some people on the right side of the boat. But it would be better if all people were spread from the middle of the boat going equally left and right. The stability starts at the middle.

Why are the likes of Stephen Bannon and his far right politics gaining momentum in this world? We should have learnt from history that far right or far left is definitely wrong. History is our teacher. But people forget or the young generation do not want to know the past they are just about themselves and what they want.

Stephen Bannon does though speak some sense. Yes the West does have strong Judeo/Christian roots. We in the West are better for knowing the Bible and praying. Our ancestors attended church and worked hard.

Stephen Bannon does also speak sense about China. Yes China is trying to exert powerful economic control over many nations, bit by bit. China is the elephant in the glass house. Russia will align more and more with China. China and Russia our two foes.

Why has the USA leaned far right? Stephen Bannon says Donald Trump is the best leader yet for the USA. Bannon explicitly approves of Trumps leadership. Trump is Bannon’s hero. Bannon used to be a very close advisor to Trump. The boat is leaning too far right, it’s getting unstable. Trump and his team are on the right side of the boat; people of a sensible persuasion know that to lean too far one way the boat might turn over. Take the refugees coming by sea from Africa to Europe, when they see a ship these people all go to one side of their boat to see the ship and what happens, their boat capsizes. Barack Obama is speaking out, Barack is left and is trying to put some sense in to the people. Was Barack too far left in his thinking when he was President to cause people to run to the right? But Barack acted very sane, he was measured, he was stable, his family are stable, his marriage looks stable; so were people running away from Barack and his left politics?

The Electoral College have to be responsible for putting a far right President in as leader. It’s not all the public’s fault. The public did not vote Trump as President, the Electoral College voted Trump but why? The Electoral College exist in the USA Constitution as a protection against having a rogue President. But the Electoral College look like they have failed the people of the USA. The Electoral College look like they have voted in a President who is politically inexperienced, lacks proper good moral behaviour, has brought much unstableness in to his leadership. There is even talk of there being a “resistance group” working against Trump in the White House and Government. A resistance? Sounds like war.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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