The Carbon Atom Computer? (Hypothesis)

Satan wants to replicate God and his creation an act of duplicity but all artificial, not natural.

Digital online here we come but it’s coming slowly.

After digital then what? Quantum computers. Using atoms to store information. We have the atom weapon then do we later get the atom computer? Can there be a hydrogen computer? Hydrogen the ultimate power. Maybe a photon computer. God is light. The light computer. Light used to store information. Hydrogen is power but is light more powerful than hydrogen when it is intensified. Laser weapons, light weapons.

If carbon is 666. And carbon is around in plenty. Can we have a carbon computer? Can we even store information in our human carbon DNA? Say store information in even our flesh.

If man using science is able to use even our human DNA to store information then the soul becomes redundant. In God’s plan the soul (a small living shadow) presumably in the head maybe in the brain does the thinking. But man using science will be able to make an artificial intelligence that humans can have direct use of thus not needing to think from the soul. Satan’s plan is to replicate Gods creation. Satan wants humans. Satan wants Gods creation.

But after a time God might get angry, forbid the anger of God; you can test God just so much, but God is patient. God can wait thousands of years in patience, one day is like a thousand years.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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