The wise man and the foolish man

Two men complete strangers got talking in a cafe.

Want to join me mate I am off for some spirit.

Spirit that sounds just up my alley.

You like spirit.

Love it man.

You look like a goody goody I thought you would forsake spirit.

Mate spirit got me this way.

Makes my mouth froth at the mention of spirit.

Me too but it’s not my mouth it’s my heart.

Spirit does different things to people. Me spirit makes me feel nice all over.

Same here.

Spirit makes me forget all my problems.

Same here mate.

Want to go now and get some spirit?

I am game.

I know a place just down the street to get spirit.

I know the place.

You do.

Sure I have been there a number of times.

Oh okay. But you don’t look like a partaker of spirit.

You can be sure I am.

Let’s go.

Down the street they go. There is a tavern and a church building together. Mobile phone rings.

You go in. I have to take a call.

They are outside the tavern.

The second man goes on to the next door to the church and goes in. Where’s he going thinks the first man. The first man calls out to the second man but the second man does not hear him. The first man goes in to the tavern. The second man waits inside the church for a few minutes then goes outside, where is the other man he thinks. He then goes back in to the church and prays getting Spirit. The first man is in the tavern and orders top shelf liquor and gets spirit.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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