The Spiritual Body of Relativity

I am in Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ is in me, Jesus Christ is in God, God is in Jesus Christ, I am in the body of Christ, I am in you (the people in the body of Christ), you are in me (we are in each other).

The Bible is Spiritual truth. The Bible is Spirit of God inspired. The Bible can be errant in places but if so in not many places. Prejudices for example like discrimination against females can alter the truth of God in the Bible.

We are human spirit and the Bible gives us Spiritual truth.

How can we be both soul and human spirit? Soul is mind, mind is in the head area whereas human spirit is in the heart. How can we think from head and heart? God is 3 persons, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, but one God, how can God think from 3 places?

We don’t think from flesh and bone. We die to our old physical sinful self.

The message of Salvation from God is in Spirit. True believers of God worship God in spirit and truth. We commune with God from our spirit. What does our soul do if our human spirit fellowships with God? It seems we the saved are spiritual entities. Maybe our soul (up there) in the head is saved and we relate now to this world from our spirit in our heart. So we are spiritual to this world and the soul is saved and cuts itself from relating to this world. So we must watch our hearts as our hearts come under much pressure from this world and its spirits.

You are in me and I am in you. We relate from heart to heart, my heart to your heart. Act wisely to each other, watch your words, because the heart is a simple organ and putting it under much stress can cause heart attacks. We relate to each other spiritually in the body of Christ. Who is in this Body of Christ? Brothers and sisters. Yes. But in spirit. We are related by spirit, human spirit. We are one big family in the Body of Christ. We don’t relate physically to each other but we relate spiritually. We are spirit beings. We are spirit emitting light. We have a fire in our hearts. The fire is our human spirit. God’s Spirit is also in the Body of Christ. God also gives each of us spiritual gifts. These gifts from God are used to help the whole Body of Christ.

Albert Einstein came up with the theory of relativity. This is a physical theory and not spiritual. Physics is relative, one physical object is relative to all other physical objects. Einstein said physics has a frame of reference. Einstein summarised his theory of relativity in to one simple equation: E = Mc2

E equals energy and energy is relative to M mass.

God gives the energy. God is light.

We know the suns are the most powerful energy force in this universe.

E = Mc2 to me is the beginning of this universe. The beginning began with an enormous explosion. Call it a bang. The Big Bang. The universe came in with a bang. What caused this bang? We have the suns as our proof of powerful energy. So was there one big big big big sun explosion. Suns are hydrogen. Hydrogen, one. One proton, one electron. One in the spiritual understanding is powerful. One God is all powerful. One without mixture. One is pure. One is simple. Simple one is power. Mixture is weak.

E = energy. This energy went bang. A explosion. The beginning. Energy with an explosion made mass.

Energy and mass are relative.

All is relative, all physical and all spiritual.

The beginning explosion caused mass and a speed of Mc2. Mass speeding at the speed of light square. I don’t know how Einstein proved that the expanding universe was expanding at the speed of light square. But Einstein was good at numbers. Does the universe keep up for eternity the expansion at the speed of light square? I thought energy like any energy tires out, it weakens over time. God after the Big Bang rested. God got tired. God rests to get His energy back.

How did energy make mass? We start with God and energy but how mass? And was there water here before the universe was made. Did God get the energy from a vast mass of water to make the Big Bang? I don’t know. But there is hydrogen in water and hydrogen seems to be the ultimate energy source. Did God make the universe out of water? But we still don’t know how mass keeps it’s mass. How does mass keep solid?

And does God need water for Himself to survive? Life needs water to survive and God is the source of all life so it makes sense if life needs water then the source of life needs water. Water is quite abundant on this earth and that makes sense that God lives with water. God is not roaming around the galaxies, God is right here with His people. God’s temple is His people. I see no water outside of earth.

The invisible made the visible. But how is the visible solid? No one knows.

The kingdom of God lives within the Body of Christ. God within. God lives with His people. The kingdom of God is invisible to our physical eyes.

We are all RELATIVE. We relate within, in spirit in words. Truth is within. Watch your words in the Body of Christ. God has ears, we have ears. We help each other in this Body. We are to Godly love each other. Einstein said the physical is all relative I say the spiritual is all relative. We start with ONE and go to many but many in ONE. God is ONE and we are ONE in God though we are many. We are many parts of the ONE Body. The Body is ONE, the universe is ONE.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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