Politics is polarised like most things. We go from one end to the other end and hopefully not extreme ended. We hate extremes. Sensible people hate extremes.

Australia has a two party preferred political policy. Labor and Liberal, left and right. Like the brain, it has a left and a right hemisphere. Politics should be in thinking. It’s in the thoughts that one wins or loses. The two sides of the brain think, but think the same but in some ways different. The Father and Son above think the same but in some ways different. Then we get the extreme thinkers. The far left and far right thinkers. The far right can be called the fascist thinkers and the far left can be called the communist thinkers. We get Donald Trump who is a right thinker leaning more right of centre right. Donald is border line extreme right. We get our own Pauline Hanson (obviously a fan of Donald Trump) a right thinker but leans too far right for safe politics. Too far thinking left or right is unsafe and brings on instability. Extreme thinking leaders make a country unsafe and unstable.

In my time with Pentecostalism Christian church people I found them on the whole right thinkers. My Dad (R.I.P) said fundamentalists were immature. Pentecostalism is on the whole fundamentalism. Fundamentalism means basically they do not leave the basics of the Christian faith, they don’t mature in thought, they are not wise thinkers, they are shallow thinkers they do not think deep. But fundamentalism can also be left thinking too. Communism can be fundamentalism. Pentecostalism originated on the whole from the USA. Pentecostalism is pro capitalism. Capitalism is basically right thinking. Pentecostals like money a lot. Pentecostals like money, power and sex (and God). Traditional Christian churches can be right or left thinking. Traditional is not fundamentalism. Traditional is on the whole not “born again”. Born again is usually the fundamentalists. Born again is a new start, it’s dying to the old self and living for a Christ Jesus self.

So when the day is through, the day was about thinking. It’s thoughts in words that make a person. Deeds are important but thoughts are the beginning and the end. We are judged according to our words and deeds but words go on for eternity, Jesus Christ’s Words.

I find that the fundamentalists are right thinkers but usually shallow thinkers. Basics and just basics (they are the fundamentals) is shallow, you need to build on the basics. Basics is foundation but there’s the building on the foundation. Basics is usually just concrete thought, like literal thought, these thinkers have no time for metaphorical thinking. The right thinkers tend to think according to physical seeing, seeing is more believing to them, they want to see concrete, see not words but see physical picture. The left thinkers think more so in words, abstract ideas. So the followers of say the politician Pauline Hanson see her concrete appearance, they see fundamental presence. So are right thinkers more immature than left thinkers? Not necessary. Can you get fundamental left thinkers? I expect so. In the USA the Republicans are the right thinkers. The Pentecostals are the right thinkers. The Republicans breed the hawks. The hawk politicians advocate war. The Pentecostals are war mongers, they can get militant to very militant in spirit or flesh but thank goodness mostly in spirit. But militancy by the Pentecostals is their way of defending their faith. Pentecostals are very bigoted, their way is the only way. Pentecostals can be radical, they are usually the young people, and they want power, they want to rule, and if to rule they need to use militancy then they will use it but again it’s mostly spiritual. The young Pentecostals want to rule above the older wiser generation. The youth covet and covet and covet.

Is the Father God a left thinker? Is Jesus Christ a right thinker? The Father God is invisible, not seen whereas Jesus is in the physical. The Father God is in Words only to us; Jesus we relate to as a physical person; how we like to have pictures or busts or statues of Jesus Christ visible to us especially in Church buildings. Of course no one knows what Jesus really looks like.

The Pentecostals call thinkers soulish Christians; in other words thinkers are of the soul and not the Spirit. To the Pentecostals God is Spirit to them in their hearts. Pentecostals relate little to God above, they do not understand the concept of God above they think God is up in outer space maybe on another planet. Pentecostals when they do think think of sex, money and power so they try and avoid thinking; there are of course lapses. Pentecostals have not moved from the fundamentalists so when they do think they think immaturely. Pentecostals think thinking is wrong and say it is soulish and wrong. Pentecostals call themselves Spiritual Christians and not soulish Christians. Spirit is where it is with Pentecostals.

Traditionalists are not always the answer, they do build on generations of family staying with God but they also sin and sin builds up over generations unless they repent. Traditional makes human wisdom (Apart from Christ Wisdom). Tradition can also lead to atheism.

So what am i? Right or left thinker? I like to think straight for one. If I think straight and not left or right does that mean I have God’s gift of understanding; am I unbiased as God is? Straight thinking means discipline. I am not perverted in thought. Most people think perverted or they would not be able to succeed in this world. I have the world below me. I am apart from this world. I am born again (second chance) and understand through Jesus Christ no other. I have been to Bible College and worked my butt off but that was all, i learnt nothing about God there, I got qualified but qualified to please the world. The world is about the butt. God is about the Head. God is about the body but the body obeying the Head.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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