Sir sir there is a crises

Not again

Sir we need advice

I know the person

We need wise advice

I know the man

The country is falling around us

Get my phone

Sir you want to call our intelligence services

Of course not

But sir our intelligence services are here just for this reason when there are crises

Get my phone

Sir do you want to call some Congress people

Of course not

Who do you want to call? Maybe call help from leaders of our allies


Who then sir?

Get me Putin on the line he will help

But sir this is a national crises

I know get me Putin he will help

But sir Putin is one of those causing this crises

Putin will know what to do

Sir this is not a time to get your friend to arrange for a orgy party with prostitutes

How dare you

But sir the country is falling to bits

Russia my good friend has some of the most beautiful prostitutes in this world

But sir

And Putin can vouch for these beauties

You are the President

Yes I am

Sir the phone

Get me Putin

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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