So females don’t have a head?

Why do we not recognise that the female human has a head (and a brain in that head)? If females have a head then why are they not part of the God head? I don’t know. Is it because for centuries from the beginning of time males have discriminated against females. God is male and female. Females were not created as an after thought of God. God is female too. Females were not created as just toys for the males to play with. God can not deny his female side. You get these fundamentalist Christians or other religious fundamentalists who treat females as just servants serving males. God created Adam, but Eve had to be created, Eve was not just a misguided after thought. These fundamentalists say women should be in the kitchen or in bed. Is that not discrimination? But what do I know? I only want to understand.

Some people might say the female operates from the heart not the head. That can not be true. What female does not use her brains? How can you use just the heart to educate oneself? How can you fly planes just using the heart? Females must be using their brains OR more to the point the BRAIN uses the female. Women are in many professions now and they are brain people; don’t you think so. When you go see a woman doctor you hope she is using her brain. Or the brain is using her. I thought the brain was in charge of the body. The brain is the coordinator, it gives the instructions to the body.

How can females have their hearts in charge of their bodies, not so.

So is this another anomaly here in this world? Amongst the many others.

But humans are so clever, they think they are.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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