Prosperity and born again and science

These prosperity gospel preachers churn me up. Money money money, oh and a BMW car or Mercedes car. Nothing like getting some status to these fundamentalist preachers.

My human Dad (R.I.P) said these fundamentalist people are immature. I stand with Dad on that; well Dad did say once to me that he had enlightenment. But Dad had his faults he was in to sciiieeence. Science the fruit of good and evil. But does God use science, He may do. It seems God’s callings can include science; and what do I know. Science was not in Gods first plan for humans. Man chose science over wisdom. Man later got science and wisdom confused, man thought science is wisdom. But wisdom is Jesus Christ and Jesus is no rocket scientist.

Fundamentalist people are usually the young set. In with the young out with the old. The young want to rule. Overcome the old fogeys. The old do not know, they are too old to rule, the youth are wise. It’s like a revolution. The fundamentalists are the youth and they want to rule. The youth are about sex, status, ruling, money and God. Yes God too. The young people want what the old people have.

The youth in the USA are attracted by Donald Trumps money and dictatorial type of rule. Youth want to be led. Youth lack experience. Trump has money. Money to youth is power. Follow the money.

I flirted with Pentecostalism in my younger years. Pentecostalism is fundamentalism. A majority of Pentecost’s are the youth. These Pentecost’s hated the Traditional church people. It was tradition they hated, not so the people themselves. The Pentecost’s might even say that traditional church is of the Devil and is spiritual darkness. Now I have been involved in both fundamentalist Pentecostal and liberal Traditional church and out of the two both have good points and both have bad points. The Pentecostals are bigots and the Traditionalists are hypocrites.

I would be called “Born again” but I hate bandying those two words about as if I knew it all. You get the young Pentecostals evangelising on the streets “Are you born again”? Not a good approach. Jesus never went around the world saying “Are you born again” Who really understands “born again”? Few I expect. But me being a born again Christian does not make me a fundamentalist. My Dad in the past thought I was a fundamentalist but I grew out of it. I matured and thought. I use my own brain. Or my brain uses me. I think. I have thoughts. I have understanding. I have enlightenment. My Dad said he had enlightenment so I can say I also have enlightenment.

But Dad had science I do not go for science. I think science is the knowledge fruit of good and evil. Science does good and it does bad. Science might destroy everything in the future. We are even now a button push away from destroying most of life on this earth. A few people can destroy most of life. But does God use science in people? He may do. I don’t know.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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