Jesus Christ is NO respecter of position

From day one when we enter this world we begin acting classes. We train to perform on the world stage. We first see our parents and how they act and our parents and later our teachers and peers reinforce this charade this performance. The better we are at acting the more prosperous and successful we become.

Position is job. Job is the vocation, career. We are taught by the world to covet those jobs that pay the most. Money is food and shelter. Vocation is simply money.

Jesus Christ had a simple job when he worked in this world. Jesus worked with his hands from a teen to 30 years of age. Jesus worked as a carpenter. Jesus went on to preach and teach.

People love their position titles. Titles are worth their gold. The title can be a name of a vocation.

But I say thoughts, thinking, are what define a person. You are what you think. It’s not your position/vocation that defines a person. God looks at the heart. God looks at the thoughts in the heart. Most people are not in their God called vocation; why not? Most people are not wise enough to discern their true God vocations and if they do they see more money elsewhere in another vocation. People act in vocations that are not theirs to act in, it’s a charade. The better you are in acting the more successful you are in your vocation. It’s living a lie to most people. We lie to God and we lie to everyone else. We lie to our brains, the heart struggles to keep up a deception to the brain, the heart comes under much stress.

People get their acting vocations and then they like to reaffirm them with titles and also letters after their names. Titles can be vocation names but then we want more, we want Sir before our name, we want Duke, we want Reverent, we want Baron, we want Honourable. I think of a person who is the epitome of title and that is Queen Elizabeth’s husband Philip. Philip has a long list of titles so long that you wonder where is the sense in this. I think maybe Philip has an inferiority complex since his wife is Queen and Philip has never felt his wife’s equal so he tries to get any title he can get to add to his long list. Position with title can reaffirm the charade but it tries to make the act worthy and true when it is not.

You are what you think not what you do because you don’t do as God wants you to do. You are just an actor in your doing. But you are a thinking actor and God is all wise and he can discern what you think. Why don’t people work in God’s vocations? Simple, people are not wise of God to understand their God vocation. People are too wrapped up in human wisdom of this world. Human wisdom and it’s derivatives of humanism etc are about man’s accomplishments through his own human spirit apart from Christ’s Spirit and Christ’s Wisdom. Human wisdom just helps to make the charade of acting viable and successful.

How peoples hearts must have to bend to the will of human wisdom. The heart is continually under stress. The heart is a simple organ and needs simplicity. God’s truth is simple. The simple truth is only but good health to the heart and body. Acting against Gods wishes brings on such pressure to the simple heart. Acting is complex not simplex. Simplex is health.

“What do you do”? The favourite catch words of worldly man and worldly woman. We hide behind our masks and say “What do you do”? We hide behind a lie. People know other people by what they do, not by what they think. God is not interested in peoples charade vocations, actually it’s stupid to God to talk about it. It’s dumb.

I see. I see the hypocrisy. I see the stupidity. Don’t talk to Jesus Christ about your man made vocations. Why don’t you ask God what vocation you really have, God does not answer, why? You really don’t want to know God’s vocation for you, why not? Because you idolise money, status, power, sex, materialism. You won’t obey God if he told you your vocation, so why would he tell you, God knows you so well. A simple job to you is beneath your pride. So on with your complexity and heart stress. Complexity is your life. It’s not the simple truth it’s the complex truth. God is complex to you and you learn to believe that the complex God is the supreme God. Your God is complex.

After ALL this it’s still “What do you do”? NOT “What do you think”? Who has time to think now a days? I can not hear myself think. It’s too noisy to think. Noise noise noise. We drink ourselves silly to stop our thoughts. Our brain we want to sedate, we don’t want to think. Our thoughts are the death of us. Raise the volume of the music up, we want noise and lots of it. We don’t want to hear words, we don’t want the words of truth, simple truth words are boring, living an act is exciting. There’s no excitement in obeying God, it’s boring to obey God. The simple truth is boring, the complex truth is exciting. We love excitement. God is boring. Simple is boring. Complex is the way. Lies are complex. We live a lie because we choose to.

When I think of a person or see them I can think what is this persons vocation? No not their human wisdom vocation but their God wisdom vocation. I can also think in question, I ask from my heart, and I can go deep to work out a persons God vocation. I see. I think. I perceive. I understand. But seldom do I tell a person their God vocation, the ones I have told have just treated my discernment as like dung. It feels so bad to have someone just rebuke you because you wanted to help them. It’s like they turn on you like a rabid dog. Okay I can understand someone feeling hurt when I tell them their vocation and they are old in age and obviously it’s too late for them to get in to God’s vocation. I seldom tell people Gods vocation, no one wants to know. What I like about Gods vocation is that it sits with a persons face. Yes the face. The face has a look of a vocation. Sound odd? But it’s true.

So it upsets me to see a person, know their true vocation, see their face fitting this true vocation and hear all their so called grand antics in their acting vocation. They go on about how much money they earn. The go on about their promotions. They go on about their job perks. All nonsense. Just get old and go in to a retirement home, go in to a nursing home, get dementia and forget your acting. We all die. We all die to our acting. One big act nothing else.

Mankind now is on the path to connect up to robots with artificial intelligence. Get the robots to do all the work, we are tired of work acting. Then later Satan will control most of this world through robots and artificial intelligence. The end. The Big Bang End. Science might kill this world and most of creation living on it. Will science kill us or will it be a natural catastrophe made by God? I don’t know. But this universe came in with a BANG and the universe might go out with a BANG. But the finish of this universe is not to be fathomed by mankind. It’s this world and it’s end that is our brief. The great flood destroyed all this world except for one family we expect another cleansing but by fire. We need to clean this planet. The fire will come.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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