I see the next baptism is a fire baptism. Noah his ark and the flood was a water baptism to cleanse this earth, fire is the next cleansing baptism, there are only 2 baptisms from God.

In the fire baptism we will be gone in a blink of an eye lid; It will be so quick that we won’t have time to think about it. We will be here one second, gone in the next second, leaving no trace, unless we leave a shadow on a wall a result of a blinding fire light. Who goes and who stays behind I do not know. Maybe the fire will not kill all life. In the first baptism Noah and his family survived. But does God take His own in the fire baptism?

Baptism cleanses away the sins. The world and it’s people make Gods earth dirty. God loves a good clean. My mother (R.P.) said to me “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.

What is the fire baptism? I can think of only two cases of possible fire. One, the sun and solar flares coming from the sun and destroying this world and its inhabitants. Two, atomic hydrogen weapons destroying this world and its inhabitants.

A meteorite being the cause of the whole worlds destruction does not gel with me because the baptism has to be fire and a meteorite is not necessary just fire. Meteorites can come but they to me are not the big fire. If a meteorite does come and does destroy a lot of life, we can still expect the big fire. But what do I know?

So a big big big fire; just as the the great flood covered the whole earth and snuffed out all life except Noah and his family, the fire will cover all the whole earth and snuff out life; all life? I don’t know.

Dirty people, dirty world, dirty earth.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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