What I do not like is when gifted people do not give God the glory for their gift.

These gifted people give the impression that the gift is the person but no the gift is not the person, the gift is a gift. Geniuses have a genie, a genie is a spirit, this spirit is the gift. I think this spirit gift comes in to a persons heart. Another thing I do not like about gifted people is that besides them receiving the glory, not God, is that these gifted people make out that the gift is given to them just for them. No no, God does not work like that, gifts are given so that the gifted people use their gifts for the whole body, the whole body of all the members of God. Gifts are not to be used selfishly. Gifts are not for self. Gifts are in spirit and are to be used for spirit (human) to the glory of the God head for the help of the universal God Body.

Spiritual gifts from God are not for the glory of the universal body, no body should glory in Gods gifts, the gifts come from God and go back to God. The gifts are to glory the GOD HEAD.

So to praise a gifted person because of their gifts is forsaking God. God is the creator, the body is not the creator.

A spiritual gift comes simple to the gifted person. Spiritual gifts from God are not complex. Spiritual gifts may be complex to the person who sees the gift in other persons but does not have the gift themselves. Gifts are simple. Gifts are simple only to the people that have them, otherwise to an outsider they are complex. Gifted people who share their gifted spirit with others in the universal body have to keep their teaching/sharing simple. To complicate a God gift sharing is being untrue to God our creator.

Every God gift is simple and must be shared simply. Don’t deceive people about the truth about the gifts. All truth is simple and God teaches simply. Gifts from God are for the WHOLE BODY, use your gift wisely. Don’t glory in your gifts, such is pride, pride goes before a fall. Much is given much is expected in return. The worlds accolades and awards for using your God given gifts are hot air. Get praise from the world give it to God. God is above, He is real, He is listening and watching. God has ears and eyes. Human spirit look above.

Jesus never took accolades and awards from people while he was on this earth. The establishment religious people scorned Jesus. Jesus turned over the money changers tables in the temple, Jesus upset the religious establishment. Jesus was to changing the system, die to the old system and live for a new system. Jesus took the old system to death with Him in His body. Jesus body was the old system, it was the living system, the kingdom of God was in Jesus, Jesus died. The religious thought that they were clever to kill Jesus. But to kill Jesus was killing the old system. It’s what’s inside the body that counts, not what the body looks like on the outer side. The true wise live for the inside not the outside of the body. Jesus looks at the heart. The world looks at the outer body. Fools lack insight.

Gifts are in spirit and to be used for the whole body, the new body of God through Jesus Christ. Don’t praise people, praise God.

People can look at a gifted person and see a cash register. It’s all about money to many people and God’s gifts are rated according to money value. Some women marry a gifted person simply because they see money. God is not valued according to money; you can not buy God and you can not buy Gods gifts. Jesus while on this earth did not charge people for healings. Jesus also taught for free. God provided. Jesus while on this earth was poor in the worlds standards. Jesus had only one set of clothes, He walked mostly everywhere, He slept a lot under the stars, He did not eat rich food.


Jesus said “Render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and render unto God what belongs to God”.

Gifts from people are different from gifts from God, don’t get the two mixed up. God can give gifts to us via people, we have to know what is from man and what is from God. Spiritual gifts are from God. God is within.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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