An apocalyptic left

Is it that simple can we just say left and right? Left thinkers and right thinkers. Donald Trump a right thinker? Is he? Then all right thinkers are on Donald’s side as against the left. So how did right and left thinking come about? Is it of God? Is right thinking right political thinking too? And the same with the left is left a left political thinking? Are right thinkers enemies of left thinkers?

I find Donald Trump exasperating with his bad treatment of the USA’s allies and his friendship of dictator Putin. Now Trump rubs our faces in the ground again by saying he has invited Putin to Washington.

The right thinkers justify Trumps actions by saying he is doing good by keeping world peace.

What made me first muse on this letter of Michaels to the editor (West Australian newspaper 20th July 2018) was “Am I a left thinker”, If so why”? I thought I was a centrist thinker. I like to think I sit as king in the middle of both left and right. I like to think I sit in the middle and use both right and left thinking. But I could be left inclined? Trump is right and leaning far right. I like to think left and right are meant to be but I see far left and far right as unbalanced. Far left and far right is dangerous. With Trump I incline to the left; but is that to balance my thinking? Trump leans out of balance so it maybe natural to counter that balance.

Can we justify Trump making friends with Putin? Can we say Trump is keeping world peace?

I may be a left thinker but I see heart more on the left side than the right side. The heart tends more to the left side of my body under the left side of my brain. But far left is wrong. Far left is communist and far right is fascist. I don’t like communism and I don’t like fascism, I hate both.

But I might just be left according to Trump. I might be against Trumps political and moral behaviour. I might just be wanting to lean left to offset the far right and erratic Trump.

I might be still centrist. I might still rule from the middle. I don’t know. We will see.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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