It was 6 weeks that John had been travelling to seek the wise one. John had heard about the wise one from friends he knew. John had been on a plane, been driven by taxi, been on a ship, and walked for one week to find the wise one.

John finds the wise one way up high in the mountains with a vast desert at its base.

John enters a cave that his guide directs him to.

Hello hello anyone there?




Is that you wise one?


My name is John can we speak?


It’s dark in here I can not see you

What’s there to see, see from your inner eyes

Okay but what do you look like

What’s there to like about my looks? Sit down, what do you want?

I want to know the truth

What is truth?

Ha ha, it’s not lies

We have a funny one here do we

Sorry wise one

Where is truth?

You are truth


Yes you

I carry truth in me I am just a vessel you are a vessel also

So where is truth?

Look within

Within where?

Within your heart and mind, all truth is within

But I would have stayed at home and not come all the way here if I knew that

I am not truth God is truth God lives within

What a wasted journey I have done

Stay for a while

Why what’s the point?

Because I say so

What then?

Truth is within but it’s the getting of truth that is hard


God gives truth but only to the wise

And how do I become wise?

Wisdom is obeying God. The flesh and all its sins get in the way of truth. We must try and not sin and if we do sin we repent to God.

So wisdom is the key to truth

Exactly. Free up the truth in you by obeying God. God does not like giving truth to fools. God reveals himself to the wise not to fools. You have to go now.

Why? This is just getting interesting

I have done what I can do


You know how to get truth now obey and seek

Are you there? Hello, hello

John leaves the wise one and hikes down the mountain through the desert and on a ship and on a plane and on a taxi and gets home. The journey home takes 6 weeks and a bit.

“How was it” Johns friends ask in unison “Did you meet the wise one”?


Yes what? What truth did you learn?

Obey God and look within

That all?


What a wasted journey

Look I have to go

Go where?

On a journey to obey God

Obey God how?

Not to sin

Bahhh sinning is fun. Let’s drink high proof spirits to the wise one

Not for me

What? You usually drink us lot under the table

Not now


No thanks

Boy you have changed

I hope so. Must go. I am on a journey to find truth

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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