The kingdom of God and the kingdom of heaven mean the same. I think this kingdom is a spiritual connotation. I believe this kingdom is inside the human body and centred in the heart. We have a human spirit and this spirit lives in the human heart. God’s kingdom is about spirit to Spirit, human spirit to God Spirit. The God Spirit is sent from above in to our heart to help us. We die to our old human flesh self in our heart and live for spirit. The soul in the head is saved. We are spiritual beings as Jesus Christ was Spiritual.

Adam and Eve were soulish/fleshy they died spiritually (spiritual darkness), they left God; but with Christ came a spiritual awakening. Adam and Eve sinned, they wanted to know as God the Father knows. With Jesus Christ coming we can become like Jesus in Wisdom. Jesus Christ is Gods wisdom. Wisdom is not the knowledge that Adam and Eve ate of. God the Father has all knowledge, Jesus Christ has all wisdom. Jesus did not study chemistry or physics or biology or botany etc. Jesus sees all, Jesus sees and knows what humans are thinking. Jesus is no rocket scientist. Jesus is wise. Knowing as God the Father knows can be different from what God the Son knows. Knowledge as the Father God knows is death to humans, mortal flesh is not meant to know as the Father God knows; what humans can have is God’s wisdom which is life (tree of life).

The kingdom of God of heaven is within. This kingdom radiates from within the hearts of the saved. The heart connects with this earth and the brain connects wth the heavenly. The kingdom of God is spiritual in nature. But does this kingdom include this world? God’s kingdoms are not of this world. God’s kingdom is within. God lives in human beings. Satan’s kingdoms are of this world. God lives above and has at His feet the earth. It’s like Satan is at the feet of the Body of Christ with Jesus Christ as Head. Christ enters the body the church, humans, and saves the soul giving it heaven and puts at the feet of this body the world and the earth. We the saved are in an enlightened state we see, we live as the temple of God, we are above in soul but in spirit we live in this world, we in spirit are in this world but we are not of this world. We are spirit that lives in Gods kingdom in our hearts but this kingdom of God though living in this world is set apart from this world. Everything our human spirit needs is in this kingdom.

The kingdom of God has the Holy Spirit at its centre. The Holy Spirit is God in Spirit. God lives with people. The Holy Spirit gives Spiritual gifts to people, these gifts come in to our hearts. So say we have wisdom of God then we say we have the Holy Spirit of wisdom. Say we have the gift of faith then we say we have the Holy Spirit of faith and it goes on. These Spiritual gifts come from God above through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is a person Spirit. Are the gifts from the Holy Spirit person Spirits too? I don’t know but it’s a good chance they are, I think so but I don’t know.

So there is a kingdom of God in our hearts. We in the body of Christ are connected up with all parts of this body, parts are the saved persons. We the saved relate together in this body in the kingdom of God. We in the body commune together in this kingdom within the body. We in the body are never alone; but that is in human spirit, in soul we are above and we also relate to God above. Soul needs a mate and we marry and get a soul mate. We need more than just God and the body, we need a human mate.

God’s kingdom is not of this world. The body of Christ the living church temple is in this world but not of this world. We are separate from this world. The worldly people hate Jesus Christ. The world is about money. Jesus Christ is not about money, when He lived on this earth in this world Jesus most likely had little to do with money. When Jesus did His ministry starting at 30 years old He probably carried no money. Judas carried the money. People betray God for money. Money comes before God to many people. Judas on betraying Jesus got a guilty conscience he knew he had betrayed a good man so he hung himself. To betray truth and goodness is suicide. Good always has to win. To kill good is to kill good life and to kill good life is like killing God and to kill God is suicide. God is good and good is God. To kill God is to kill your creator. No creator no life, no universe.

The kingdom of God is within. The wise person seeks God within. The fool seeks God out there and up there. The fool builds his towers up in to the sky. The fool thinks God is up in the sky, up in outer space, on another planet. Man wants to be a rocket scientist and seek God up there in outer space. The fool searches for God in outer space.

God is not up there to our physical eyes, God is up there to our spiritual eyes. God lives with His people. King David explained God “The Lord said to My Lord sit at my right side and I will put all your enemies at your feet”. God lived with David, in David, in his heart and head. God chooses who He will live with.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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