Where’s God???

It’s fitting that Stephens (Stephen Hawking) voice is beamed into outer space. Why? I would say Stephens understanding of God is God in outer space.

God is a God of outer space to many people especially people of a scientific bent. People look out there or up there for truth whereas truth is from within. “Climb the Tower of Babel” science says and you will see God.

Why would people of a scientific bent believe in a God up there in outer space? Simple; science is about the physical not the spiritual. Science looks at the physical for truth. But God is Spirit (Jesus though is flesh and physical). Jesus takes us to the Father. The Father is not physical. Science can not understand an invisible non physical God, such is nonsense to many scientific people. Truth does not come from the invisible science says. Science is the way to understand to many people. To understand is to understand the physical. Not so I say. Truth comes from an invisible God. Truth also comes from God the Son who is physical, but this physical of Jesus is a physical not like any other physical, this physical transcends the physical, we know it as a divine physical.

Adam and Eve were stupid to take of science. It is thought as clever by many people to seek truth through science and not through the non physical invisible God.

So who is stupid? The person who seeks God up there in outer space or the person who seeks God from within. God makes His home with people. Science kills people and may eventually destroy all this world as we know it. People think learning science is clever but is it? Were Adam and Eve clever, they thought they were but thinking one is clever is not enough. God says who is clever. The worldly people will go on loving money and science; it’s all about the physical not the Spiritual of God.

From morning to evening people work their butts of, not to serve the head of God (the mind of Christ) above but to make money and to have every materialistic item they can buy. It’s about butts now a days or has it been about butts for ages and now it’s seen for what it is.

Parents want their boy to grow up and be a rocket scientist; this tells heaps. A rocket goes up there. Understanding to a rocket scientist is up there. But up there to a person of true Godly understanding is not the same up there a rocket scientist thinks.

So mankind has been deluded in its perception of where true understanding comes from. Satan may have blinded them; it’s like Satan has put a veil over people’s faces.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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