Super funds, financial advisors, banks, who knows what they are really up to???

The public have super, that’s good, but no one seems to know much about super, who manages it, who invests it, where the investments go, WE WANT SIMPLE ACCOUNTABILITY, we want to know the simple truth, it’s the public’s money, yet the public are told little. And who can you trust with your money? Financial advisors seem to be billing customers for what and how much? Who can trust a financial advisor? Only the rich can afford financial advisors, accountants and lawyers.

Money is so complex. It’s like a web. You touch the web and you get caught. So we don’t like touching it. Money and thinking about it makes sick.

When you are in the light, enlightenment, you know, you are in the know, you see, you hear, the body comprises many people, the church is that body, the body is not a building made up out of wood, stone, brick, or concrete. I am in this universal body, I have access to the head, God head, I can think, I am at the head so I know. The head is in charge of the universal body.

How I hate a non level playing field. All flesh is equal. Forget your titles before your names, forget all your letters after your names, no one is better than any other person especially in the body. You don’t like it, then leave the body, but God will be patient with you. God wants a level playing field. Don’t exalt your jobs over other peoples jobs. Those people who the world exalts need to be humbled and those people who the world puts down need to be exalted. Prophets of God make a level playing field. Don’t exalt your positions, your job titles have no real significance. Position of this world is nothing. Money and the love of it means little to God. Jesus had little use for money when He was in this world. John the Baptist had no use for money.

The church the real true body of Christ is about equality. Don’t like it then you are in the wrong body. People love position. Jobs are position. Jobs are about money. People adore money. The reality of Gods kingdom is that it is not about things.

Those in to position and money need to get out and work with their hands. The intelligentsia and academics need to work with their hands. Intelligence has become an idol.

Serve the God head. You are spirit in a body in the heart of the body, learn the true spiritual wisdom from God, learn from Gods Spirit, don’t follow man follow Jesus Christ. God will save the soul, you are spirit and you learn. Learning man’s wisdom is following man and buggers up the thinking. God is above. Learn to believe heaven is above. You are spirit, if you really do see and hear you will know where God is. The human spirit is to be yoked to Gods Spirit, don’t yoke human spirit with other human spirits such buggers one up. Human wisdom that Apostle Paul talks writes about buggers up the soul.

You are spirit in heart in a body, learn from God. Listen.

Humans are now so perverse. Humans turn away from God to worship and follow man. Human wisdom stinks, stinks of decaying flesh. Teachers of this world have little time for God. Most educational institutions are secular, God is not worshiped.

We need all these members of Christ’s body to give up all their idols and work with their hands. We want equality right throughout the body. Rank in the body is according to God. Don’t bring titles (job etc) or money in to the kingdom of God. Forget idols.

Teachers of this world are the real hurdle to get at the simple truth. The worlds teachers do not teach the simple truth, for these teachers truth is complex. Teachers of this world lay heavy burdens on peoples backs. I see the school children often carrying big back packs on their backs and no doubt these packs are laden with many big text books. How the academics and intelligentsia love to write books, especially text books. If they were really working with their hands these people would not have time to write books. We need food yes food from crops grown in the soil, get these teachers growing food in the fields and let the real teachers of God teach people. God’s teachers teach spirit and soul. Teachers of this world don’t recognise soul or spirit.

There is an anomaly in this world. Okay there are many anomalies. The members of Christ’s body are learning from human spirit when they should be learning from God Spirit. Human spirit and its achievements are put above Gods Spirit.

I work from the head, I am a straight thinker. The body needs to obey God. In the time of Noah God had mercy on only one family, all other people died; and it will happen again, but this time it won’t be water it will be fire.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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