My Italian Adventures by Lucy de Burgh

My appetite for Second World War memoirs is strong. Lucy did not let me down. Lucy is a author I approve, she has good morals. I like the positive side of war, I hate the deaths.

I see how war can bring the good out of people. War is a necessity. War has been with us since Cain killed his brother Abel. We are all related, we carry similar genes. Life is relative. Everything is relative. We hate war but we need it. Love overcomes all evil but love to overcome has to give up its own life, Just as Jesus Christ died. Love has to die to give life. The seed dies to live. We die to live. We die to our old sinful self (for the born agains).

Lucy describes Italy and her relationships well. Lucy has a deep love for Italy. Lucy meets many an interesting person. Lucy related well with her environment and fellow persons. Lucy writes very intelligently.

I got to know Italy and the Italians more so having read this book. You know your true friends during war. Italy though being fascist and an ally of Hitler had at its true heart the British/USA cause.

Some Philosophical thoughts follow:-

(Just now my mind is thinking elsewhere)

In the beginning there was a vast ocean of darkness, it was chaos. God burned and turned much of the darkness in to light. God turned on the light in the dark. God is light. The light spread in this ocean and the light is said to be expanding to light up even more of this ocean as we write. The ocean is the universe. Lights are stars. More lights are coming on. The universe is expanding. Will the universe always expand? This is up to contention. Does the universe have an end? Or is the universe unlimited? If the universe has an end then in the future when, no one knows, the universe at its end will implode, the opposite of explode. We had the explode what we call the “Big bang”. God is eternal so is the universe eternal. Scientists say that the expanding universe is slowing down, thus a clue that there is an end to everything. Is there an end to God though? The Bible says God is eternal and we have to believe this.

A question, does there first have to be dark to have light? Without darkness there can be no light. Light is put on in the darkness, darkness comes first. The universe being first a ocean was dark. The universe was created out of darkness. So dark comes then light.

What I really wonder is; was this first beginning before the universe, this dark ocean, was this ocean all water? And did this water convert to energy to become the universe? Are stars originally made from water. Water has hydrogen and stars are hydrogen. Water may be God’s main original energy source. Maybe.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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