Wake up sir

Ummm what

You have to get dressed

Ummm ok

Here sir let me help you get in to your clothes

Ok I feel dizzy my mind seems all fogged up

(Man runs in)

Sir they are waiting you must hurry

Okay let’s go I can not see properly

Just follow me sir

I need my glasses

We will bring them later

I need my glasses

We can not wait sir

(Trump follows the valet)

We are here sir

Where’s my glasses?

They are coming I sent for them

The delegation is here you sit here sir

I can not see properly and I feel drugged

Sir please begin

I know I have done this many times before, you are all fired

Sir what are you saying?

You are all fired! fired! fired!

Sir the delegation is walking out

Get me back to my room I want to sleep

But sir the summit

My room

Okay sir you are the boss follow me

That’s better now my glasses

Here we are sir

That’s much better I can see

Sir the summit

What summit?

North Korea

What about the show?

What show?

The Apprentice. I did good did I not I fired them

Sir you are not at the Apprentice show you are in Singapore at a summit

Now I am remembering. Someone must have spiked my drinks

Sir we did give you a sleeping tablet last night or maybe more than one or two

How many?

Sir you could not get to sleep you were insisting to be given more tablets you took ten in the end

No wonder I forgot where I was. It’s all coming back now. Get me back to the conference room

(Man runs in to room)

Sir the North Koreans have left

Quick we must get them back

(Another man runs in to the room)

Sir Kim has left with his people for the airport

My head is going dizzy I must lie down

But sir the North Koreans

My head my head I can not think

(Someone in the room puts on the tv)

News reports are coming that Trump sacked the leader of North Korea along with his delegation


It’s true sir you sacked the entire North Korean delegation, Kim is furious

Out! out! everyone out! I need to sleep

(Everyone leaves the room)

Oh what have I done. I should have stuck with celebrity tv. The Apprentice was great and the Miss World beauty pageants were an eye sore.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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