Brain lapse

Who has brain lapses? ie they have a moment when they disengage their brain. But are there people who all the time don’t engage the brain and run on idle? Idle may sound fun to people but they have lives that do not move (rolling {moving} stone gathers no moss), they are literally useless to the body and society. The body without the brain is dumb. The senses are in the head. The head is the brains and senses. The God head. The head belongs to God as does the body belong to God. God is in the head as well as in the body. God is in the heart and brain. God is above. God is with us in heart. The soul is with God as is the human spirit with God. We are with God above and also here.

There is much God light in the brain. It’s about connecting up to that God light. We are truly bright only in God, all other brightness is false. You can not be bright apart from God. God is light. Generations of a family tree line are blessed to have connection to the God Head because they love God but there are also many family trees in darkness because they hate God. Many people are cut off from God, many people live in darkness and are lost. To educate oneself while in darkness of soul and spirit is foolishness. So society is stupid to think that everyone can be educated. Society pushes education on children and adults, the God headed people are not wise to force education on the lost souls. Lost souls are in darkness. To live in the dark is not to see. God headed people need to express that God will forgive people for their sins if they repent to God. The Governing authorities are pushing education like never before. But alas education can just wind up people who are disengaged from the God Head. You need to see and hear and smell and taste to get educated. The senses are our tools of education. The brain picks up what we sense and uses that information to educate us. What breaks our connection from the God head? Sins, sins sins and sins. We break up from God because of sins. John the Baptist came saying “Repent of your sins”. Jesus came saying “The kingdom of God is near”. God can not be tricked, you can not hide from God. You break up from God it is your fault, you will leave the light, you will live in the dark, your body will be full of darkness. People in the light need to help those people in the dark in to the light. The people of the light should not be forcing education on people who are in the dark, stupid stuff. The people of the light need to help those people in the dark by leading them to Jesus. Jesus took all our sins in His body and died to them, a mystery? Yes but it’s true. Only after sins have been forgiven can we live in the light. Our sins are washed away by Gods forgiveness and we connect again to the God head. God’s words wash us clean. God’s Son Jesus blood washes us clean, a mystery? Yes but it’s true. You can learn while in the light, the light gives you insight. You need insight to learn. Sinners have problems learning. People in the light also sin but they have an intermediary in Jesus Gods Son between them and the Father God and they can confess and be forgiven. People in the light have to confess regularly to keep up a good connection to God. You want good sense confess to God. Even if a person of the light forsakes God God will be patient and hope the errant person will confess in due time. God can wait. People can cut off all connection to God and God can turn his back on people. You will be thrown in to the darkness, you will gnash your teeth and be lost. If an eye sins too much and for too long cut it out, the body is better without an eye than the whole body go in to hell. So God prunes and prunes off worthless branches. Families are cast off the true vine they are thrown in to darkness. God is loving but he is no fool, you can tolerate fools for just so long.

The body needs the head and the head needs the body. Jesus is the head. We are the body. Does Jesus need us? Maybe I don’t know. But a head without a body is useless. We use our heads, no, our heads use us. The body does not use the head, the head uses the body, we are not in charge the head is in charge. Repent to God all sins. The body sins. The members of the body are us the believers in Jesus. Jesus has His own body. We each in the one body come under the one head. We each in the body are as close as words. Words make us in the body. The head is the Words. It’s about words. Words give light. God is Words. Education is in words.

I see. I am the eyes and the head. I am the spokesperson of God. I teach and preach. I am a prophet of God, my boss is God. Prophets see, they have strong insight. I have not always been in the light, I used to be in the dark. I was once lost. I know what I know only because I can see and have seen over many years. My body and eyes are slowly gathering more light. My eyes are becoming more sound. Wisdom comes to prophets. Wisdom is good sense. Wisdom is knowing right from wrong. Wisdom is having righteous thoughts. We are what we think. You can only be caught out in your thoughts, one must get through your thoughts to get to your body and your possessions. You are only as strong as you are in your thoughts. Wisdom of God makes for strong thoughts. The universe is one universal thinking mind, a universal mind full of words and God’s words are supreme over all other words. Jesus is the head and reigns above and His Words are above all other words.

You get body builders. These builders build up their bodies to make them strong, these people work out daily for many hours pushing themselves hard physically to make their bodies strong. These people are praised by others, but all is in vain. The real strength starts from inside, in the soul and spirit in words. It’s words in the thinking that should be our major defence. Think wise then you are safe. But there is human wisdom and there is God’s wisdom in Jesus Christ. Human wisdom is not genuine wisdom, it is false like false gold. False gold looks good but it is a sham. Christ’s wisdom keeps us safe. Human wisdom will not keep us safe, Satan knows that. Satan can walk through human wisdom easily. Quoting man’s poetry or man’s philosophy at Satan might even make Satan laugh. Human wisdom is about man not God, it’s about seeking man’s praise and awards not Gods. Man seeks praise, it’s like an ego massage. Man wants to look and be important, it’s dignity relying on flesh and words of man not on God. Human wisdom is fake wisdom, Christ’s wisdom can see through it. Human wisdom is the veneer, the gloss, it’s acting, it’s wearing a mask, it’s hypocrisy. Christ’s wisdom is not wearing a mask, with Christ’s wisdom you are what you really are. Christ’s wisdom is true and not perverse, human wisdom is perverse. This world is so perverse now, who is not perverse.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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