I see merit in this. But there maybe many flaws until the finished product is viable as many people can abuse. Income can be abused.

In Australia we have now a basic income for free to many people. Take the Aborigine, many of them don’t work, so who pays them? The Government. Many aborigine get free money. So is the free basic income working for Aborigine. Not really, why? A lot of Aborigine drink alcohol. The Aborigine spend heaps on alcohol. So this income is getting abused. It’s not working. The income should go on food, electricity, shelter, water, on needs to live. The Government has tried to rectify this abuse of income by withholding cash and giving a card that can only be used to pay for say household items from shops. Alcohol is not a need.

The universal Basic Income is not a bad idea, everyone has the right of a good standard of living, there is always going to be unemployment such is part and parcel of a capitalist system. In a capitalist system there is not full employment. The communist system might have full employment.

The Universal Basic Income should be about paying for a good standard of living, not luxuries, but needs, pay for medicines, hospital treatment, doctors, dentists, food, water, but this income must not in anyway be paid in cash or money in to banks where cash can be withdrawn, no, this income must be accessible only with a card with a chip that can only access consumer goods and services at shops, hospitals, doctors, etc that are authorised by the Government.

This Universal Basic Income can gradually come in as robots with artificial intelligence take over human work. People should have the option of receiving the Universal Basic Income or a paid job, not both, one or the other. Later robots, humanoids etc, will take over much of the work. I think humans will have their own humanoids working for them. I think the Universal Basic Income will be a no brainer when the Mark is given. The Mark 666. The Beast will own us then (not me i hope). We can not stop robots with artificial intelligence coming just as we can not stop humans making things, science will not stop. Science is knowledge and mankind craves for knowledge. Satan can use knowledge against mankind. Adam and Eve and their descendants consume knowledge and later Satan uses this against them. The descendants of Adam and Eve might even build the Beast, whatever it is. Satan has his descendants. The descendants of Satan are the snake people. The snake people at loggerheads with the God people. Satan with his snake children want to rule God’s children. God’s children will contribute to building robots and artificial intelligence and Satan might use robots and artificial intelligence against God’s children. Knowledge of good and evil, knowledge used for good or evil. Let’s not be naive and think knowledge is used only for good. Science can be for good or evil. Evil is in this world.

Just as the above physical heavens has much darkness but at the same time there are many bright shining stars. In the spiritual heavens there too is much darkness but there are many bright Spirit stars. The elect of God are the stars. Darkness can breed dark deeds. Satan loves the dark. Evil is all around this world. Satan is in many places. Go to school, college, university, but are not Satan’s children also learning knowledge? The snakes learn. The weeds grow amongst the wheat. The weeds grow up. Let’s not be naive and think the snake children won’t use knowledge for evil. Evil is just a few seconds from a push button on a desk (not quite but it’s close to the real idea) in front of Evil that can wipe out this world to oblivion. But a clean slate is that not what God wants? You clean the slate when it gets dirty.


I think the 666 Mark is a carbon Mark I don’t think it’s a silicon chip or any type of micro chip. Carbon is universal to creation. The human body should accept a carbon Mark. The human body is made out of a lot of carbon. Now I am just theorising and speculating that 666 is carbon, I have no real evidence, I could easily be wrong, but it gives us something to think about.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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