New Norcia rings a bell but I can not quite remember it.

It’s the site of the European Space Agency (ESA) tracking dish.

Yer of course but wasn’t there something else there?

Some farms.

Nothing else?

Some old former school and orphanage buildings.

Now I remember. There’s a monastery there.

Yes but New Norcia is now known for the ESA tracking dish.

I would have thought spiritual over physical is more important.

What!! Put science second. Science is where it is all at.

But the Monks.

What about them?

They are a prayer stronghold helping our nation.

What!! Prayer. You talk nonsense. It’s science that helps our nation. The ESA are going to build a second tracking dish at New Norcia.

What for?

To watch out for any solar flares coming our way.

What is it about solar flares?

They could burn this world back to the Stone Age.

What’s the point of watching for them, if they come who is going to stop them and we may burn in minutes.

You have your point. But we will go ahead and build.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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