I reflected. It’s true Western society’s fabric has the Christian religion as one of its most common traits. Yes Western thought has as its major contributor Christianity. Christianity is woven through our Western fabric in much detail. Without Christianity Western society would have only the rule of law as its guardian. But no Western society has more than law it has the Wisdom of Jesus Christ. Laws do not always make a nation. Culture with wisdom makes a nation.

But what is culture? Culture grows, it spreads, but what exactly is it? It’s life, it’s living. We humans make up culture. We humans are a living culture and our thoughts are key to that culture. Thoughts make a person and people make a culture. Culture is about mankind’s activities and thoughts, it’s what we do and think and say. Law is what guards that culture but Wisdom of Christ is also protection. Law is not full proof whereas wisdom of Christ in its fullest is the best protection. Christianity makes up a lot of the Western foundation. But this foundation is being eroded over time. Man builds and builds on this foundation. Now the youth of today know nothing about our foundation. It’s now about building to get higher, highly paid jobs, higher education. But buildings have to be built on something what we call a foundation. People went before us. People in the past set up our culture and we hope they put good beginnings in place so that what we build on will cope.

The Bible might (does it?) talk about the 7 pillars of wisdom. 7 they say is Gods number. I don’t know. Revelation book of the Bible does talk about the 7 churches. Wisdom comes down to thought. We think wisely and we act wisely. Wisdom is good health for our culture. Wisdom keeps order. Law (and it’s order) came before wisdom. Moses was given laws from God to give to the people. It was only much later that Christ came in to this world with wisdom. Wisdom of Christ supersedes the law of Moses. Wisdom of Christ is better than the law of Moses. Moses was only a servant of God, Jesus is Gods begotten Son and equal to God the Father.

Why all my thoughts here, what began them? Simple. I was considering why Sunday used to be a holiday. Holiday as in Holy day. Holidays were holy days to start with. So I considered Sunday and how Christianity has had a big effect on Western society. Sunday was chosen by the forefathers of Western society as a rest day in accordance with the Holy scriptures of the Bible. Why not Saturday as the rest day? Both Saturday and Sunday became Holy days or holidays. Sunday was chosen because the Christians wanted a day at rest that is not used by the Jews. The law of Moses in the 12 commandments says rest on the sabbath the last day of the week Saturday that being the 7th day. God created 6 days and rested on the 7th day and we too are to rest on the 7th day. But Christianity wanted to rest on the Sunday to differ from the law of Moses. Jesus is not Moses. Jesus is the wisdom of God not the law of God. So Christian’s rested on the Sunday, Sunday being the first day of the week. Christianity respected the Jews observance of resting on the Saturday so Western society got 2 holy days (holidays). Simple.

Western society has recently in the last couple of decades moved away from rest on the Sunday. Many businesses now work both Saturdays and Sundays as well as the other days of the week. People can still have the weekends free from their usual jobs but most choose to do extra time to earn more. Weekends used to be for the family and church worship. Now weekends are for sport and extra work. Family life is eroding. Parents have little time for their family. Parents just chuck money at their children and hope all is well.

BC and AD. The calendar that we in the West use is timed as BC that is before Christ (Christ’s birth) and AD that is after death (Jesus Christ’s death). But atheists and humanists are trying to do away with BC and AD and replace them with other words the words I can not remember. The days of the week Monday to Sunday are tied in to the Bibles teaching. God created in 6 days and rested on the 7th. How the anti God squad are going to try and rearrange the calendar all together is open to question. As I said the Western society in many characteristics is based on Christianity and teachings from the Bible. So to change Western society you can change the way the building goes but to mess with the foundation you mess with the stability of the structures. A stable heart makes a person. Feed the heart the SIMPLE food of Jesus Christ. We want a pure and simple foundation. Simple means undefiled, one substance, no mixture, pure. To have a mixture of thought for the heart means weakening the heart. We want one master for our hearts. Jesus Christ can be that pure one simple master. Ask Jesus Christ to come in to your heart. Accept Jesus Christ as Lord of your life. Repent to God.

Humanism is not akin to Christ wisdom, both may look the same but no they are different. Humanism is like fake gold, it is not the true wisdom of God. Humanism is like fools gold. Humanism follows man, it does not follow Christ.

In the West we celebrate Xmas and Easter. If you go say to a foreign nation that worships gods contrary to the God we worship you will see different celebrations. The Asians might honour their Dragon god with dances and festival days. The Muslim’s celebrate their religious days. And it goes on. Xmas and Easter are fixated in to Western culture but not so in many other nations. Muslims for example do not celebrate Xmas or Easter.

Christianity has spread to many nations. But the dark powers also have many nations peoples. Christian nations are known as the “Free world”. The other nations are enslaved to foreign gods with their demons and idols. So we have light forces and dark forces. Light wins, that is natural. The light has to win, God is light, and God does not lose. I am on the winning side. I like that. I am of the promise. I have promise from God.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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