I just love the simple straight truth of the Holy Scriptures

Don’t you just love it? The Scriptures read out clear the soul and heart. The Words of the Scriptures wash out all man’s wisdom. Don’t people just put an artificial veneer over their lives like a plastic covering. God looks at the heart but man looks at the physical looks of people, man looks at titles before a person’s name, man looks at letters after a person’s name. Doesn’t man’s wisdom just stink when compared to Gods wisdom through Jesus Christ. Man’s wisdom is so artificial and not genuine, it’s fake wisdom. Doesn’t man just glory in him her self. With man’s wisdom to any depth you have to check that your wrists don’t weaken. Man’s wisdom is weak spiritual strength. Man writes books to glory him her self. Not all books are to man’s glory but a lot are. I read books but I mainly keep to memoirs and based on war. I like defence and the good against evil. There’s the battle in the physical but with it there’s the battle for the soul. We are in constant battle preparedness. I say get these people who worship man’s wisdom to work with their hands. No poncing around loving artificial wisdom.

Even at Bible College I sensed that if I gave my thinking to the college theology thinking that my wrists would weaken. College thinking was orientated towards humanism. I learnt only one constructive truth at Bible College and that was that I thought in a straight line whereas most people think up and down like a sine wave. Thinking straight makes me think of a sick person in a hospital linked to a monitor with a screen and the person when alive the screen shows a graph with a electronic line going up and down but when the person dies the line goes in a straight horizontal line. We in Christ should be dead to our old nature, we live for Christ, our thinking is Christ like, Christ is above so we have above thoughts. So Christ is dead we are dead, but Christ was raised we are raised. Heaven is above. We are saved in soul above. Where is heaven? Above? So does the Vatican dialogue with NASA? Is the Pope in communications with the astronauts on the space station above? Are astronauts instructed by NASA to look out for Jesus Christ? Jesus Christ is in the physical, we believe that, but is this physical of Jesus an internal understanding? Jesus Christ is real but where is He? Does Jesus and His angels hang around the space station? Is our human spirit really dumb? What is above to spirit maybe is different to what is above in human flesh. Do we learn in spirit to spirit from Spirit. Is God’s understanding only spiritual? Is there a veil over people’s souls? Is Jesus everywhere He wants to go? Is heaven everywhere to Jesus?
Why does Jesus permit so much evil to happen in this world? The answer is simple, God gave humans free will, we are not robots. Do you want God to force people to obey His will? No. We want free will.
So we do not ask astronauts to look out for God. God is in heaven but we understand heaven through metaphor because our human spirit is so stupid. Our human spirit sees physical and our spirit can be fierce and vicious. What our human spirit needs is to learn from the Holy Spirit. God is above, this is for our human spirit in our heart to understand. Our spirit in our hearts can grow wise. Our spirit is our light. We in human spirit are yoked to the Holy Spirit. We in our human spirit learn from the Holy Spirit we learn our true God calling. The soul learns from Spirit of God that he she is saved above. Man’s wisdom does not save the soul. The soul is in the head. The soul is a small shadowy like person. We are a person in the soul because the soul can think. The soul learns that it is saved above. Once the soul is saved nothing can rob that soul of its salvation. Or can one lose their salvation? Maybe. The soul is in the head, does the soul go in circles? When your head is spinning is your soul spinning, going in circles? Run soul run.
I read the simple Holy Scriptures daily. The Words of the Bible are simple truth. The truth sets you free. The truth saves you, not the TRUTH of man’s wisdom but the TRUTH of God’s wisdom through Jesus Christ.
The Holy Bible is the closest we have of the Spiritual truth in Words. We must read it often. We need the Words of the Bible. The Bible is the simple truth. We need to be anchored to a simple foundation. We don’t want to be airy fairy. We want to base our lives on a strong solid foundation. We want strong wrists. True Godly strength is in our wrists. Procreation requires the male to have strong wrists. So I am a straight thinker. I need the simple truth, I love reading the Holy Bible. I need the teachings from the Holy Spirit. I don’t want to be thinking like the worldly people think, I don’t want to be a pervert, I base my life on Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is God the Son.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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