Oh and experts of AI are now feeling guilty. (Artificial intelligence).

I think back when experts that made the first atomic bomb went guilty.
Scientists using knowledge of good and evil go on to feel guilty. Well you scientists should have thought about it before you made inventions.
Who is naive to think knowledge is just for good? Who thinks knowledge won’t be used for evil?
Scientists, the experts, feeling guilty. These experts when inventing are all for receiving accolades and glory from the world. Guilt, bahh!!!
Open your eyes, there’s evil in this world and any invention will be used by good as well as by evil.
You could say good and evil cross each other out, what’s left on this earth? Nothing.
Scientists the clever ones or the world thinks so, they will bring destruction to this world; but most likely it’s meant to be.
Experts of AI feeling guilty, a bit late for guilt. AI will take firm root in this world good will use it and evil will use it.
Do people want a plain field to work on? No, people hate plain. People think plain is simple and stupid. People hate drinking plain water.
So man invents and invents and invents but mans inventions might eventually be the undoing of him her.
Satan uses mans inventions. Satan uses knowledge. Satan will use AI.
The body of God with Christ as Head uses inventions and the body of Satan uses inventions.
Or do we want to go back to a simple life living with no knowledge and no inventions? Then mankind might exist for much longer, how long? I don’t know. But long long.
Some people do live in communities where they embrace the simple life. But very few people live this life. Most people live complicated confusing lives embracing knowledge of good and evil and embracing inventions.
So mankind dies, good and evil using knowledge to destroy each other.
The simple plain life is the better life. Adam and Eve thought they were clever. They wanted to know as God knows.
God sent His Son into this world to save souls.
Jesus Christ God’s Son is wise. Wisdom of God is not the knowledge of good and evil. We can embrace the wisdom of God. Jesus Christ is the wisdom of God. Embrace Jesus Christ. Knowing as God the Father knows is not the wisdom of Jesus Christ. Adam and Eve should have chosen wisdom. Wisdom is the tree of life. You can live a simple plain life with wisdom of God. Jesus lives a simple life.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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