God looks at the heart – It’s that simple

I am soul, I am soul in my mind. I am head, I am a brain in my head. I think. I see, hear, smell, and taste. I sense, I think. My feelings are from the body. My head rules my body. Feelings are not to rule me. My body with its feelings do not rule. Words rule. Words are in thoughts. I think and I am. I am aware, I am enlightened. My head is full of light. My head like a light bulb. God is the light. Gods words make light. Light gives understanding.

I am in my head and I see the heart. My heart is below my head. I see the below. I know what is going on in my heart because I see. I listen to what is going on in my heart. There is the universal subconscious. The sub is below, below the head. We have a heart conscious as well as a head conscious. The head conscious rules the heart conscious. The above rules the sub, below.
Our hearts think together. Hearts are universal. The heads are universal. We the body are universal. Universal is made up of living humans. Each human a part of the universal body, the body has the universal mind/soul and heart. We think together. The universal thinking. There are two main bodies in this world, Gods and Satan’s. Outside these two bodies is the wilderness. The lost souls live in this wilderness.
My head is in control. My soul in the mind in head has been saved.
Wisdom of God looks at the heart. Wisdom of God is listening to the heart. Wisdom of God knows people. To know people’s hearts is to know people. Jesus Christ is the head and rules the heart. To rule the heart is to rule the body. Education of this world is a lot about human wisdom. Human wisdom tries to snuff out the wisdom of God Jesus Christ. Wisdom of Christ gets heavily vexed from human wisdom. Human wisdom is not about preparing for the after life above in heaven. Human wisdom is about glory to man and woman in the earthly life. Christ’s wisdom prepares for the heavenly life.
My head is saved and in control. I have enlightenment. I know (i perceive) what people are thinking in their hearts. My true education is to know people and to know people is to understand people and to understand people is to know people’s hearts. Jesus never studied man’s philosophy, or sociology, or psychology, or any other ology or sophy of man but the Fatherology. Logy, logos, the word; sophy is wisdom. It’s all about the words and essentially about Words from God.
I am in a universal body of God. I listen see smell taste and think. I am in my right mind in my head. God at the left. I am dead to myself I am in Christ, Christ is in me, I have died, “it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me” (Galatians 2:20). Christ is at the right, the Father on the left. Father and Son above.
I am dead to my former self. I am is Gods Son. My education is in God from God’s Spirit. God’s Spirit is my teacher. I know God and I know people. I am not God, I am dead.
I don’t need mans education. Man’s wisdom constipates the body. Don’t live off shit. See through and have a sharp mind, see through the shit, get the shit out of the body, be regular. Knowledge puffs up, knowledge fades away. Don’t all your life pursue mans knowledge because it will eventually all fade away. Knowledge of man is like puffing up a balloon. Mans knowledge is human wisdom. Human wisdom makes a man or woman all haughty. People with human wisdom are proud. Human wisdom makes a proud heart. Pride goes before a fall.
I don’t need human wisdom. I have Christ’s wisdom. If you want to learn of man(kind) look at their hearts. Christ gives the way to know the heart. Christ saves the soul. A saved soul is above. Christ’s wisdom is above. The world is down there, below.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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