Oh what a climb!!

Sure am. That was no small mountain.

Do you want to know?

Of course I do.

Then the climb is worth it.

Yes yes.

What do you want to know?

Wise one do you know the tennis star Bernard Tomic?

Yes. But before I go on are you ready?

Ready for what wise one?

Are you ready to know?

Why not?

But will you listen?

Of course.

No I mean will you listen to me?


There are many voices will you know who is talking, will you know my voice?

I think so.

Ok we can make a try of it.

I am certainly game.

It’s not a game Lester.

Sorry wise one.

It’s serious.

Yes wise one.

Bernard Tomic. Yes.


He’s having life purpose thoughts. His father spirit is a tennis ball maker.

So why is Bernard a tennis player?

Bernard somehow understood his fathers gift calling.

So Bernard is no real tennis player.

He can play tennis but his vocation lies elsewhere.


Bernard is a mathematics professor in an esteemed university in say Argentina and researches missile development. He makes missiles that’s it in an egg shell.

Why did Bernard take up his fathers vocation?

Maybe because his fathers spirit would protect Bernard as a tennis player.

Why did Bernard not go in to his own vocation?

It’s hard working without protection. Bernard though not working in his own vocation has protection working in his fathers vocation.

Why was Bernard not protected for his own vocation?

Bernard needed God to protect him. Bernard had no God protection.

What is the God protection?

A person. A mate in arms. Someone who cares, a true mate.

Who is this true mate?

He’s a Spirit of God. He’s the true shepherd. This Spirit will protect.

Why do we need protection?

Look around you. Who doesn’t need protection. Everywhere you go people in mind are assaulted. Words rule this globe and words can be very nasty. Spirits abound that can turn your life very nasty. Demons infect the mind. Satan is like a roaring lion ready to devour you. It’s hide and run. Bernard got the little protection he could from his fathers spirit. Bernard had no God Spirit.

How do we get the God Spirit?

The Father God and Son Jesus Christ God are above they are the God Head above and they give the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth.

Wise one did Bernard’s father make tennis balls?

I don’t know but I doubt it. But Bernard’s fathers spirit would have understood tennis. This understanding can help Bernard.


It’s all in the body and mind. It’s a mystery. Family can be close. Things can rub off on each other.

Wise one what is my fathers spirit calling?

Your fathers spirit calling was army captain or major. England army. Provost marshal.

That makes sense. I remember Dad taking me to the army recruiting office when I was young. I never saw Dad as a radio technician. I was no good at maths and neither was he. Physics was even worse for me. I think Dad would have excelled in the army if he had the protection of Gods Spirit. Dad was a radio technician but I think it was mostly in vain. But if I had joined the army Dads spirit might have helped me. I had no God Spirit when I was young. I only received the gift of the Holy Spirit in my middle 20’s.

You are a Prophet.

Me a prophet what’s that?

You make the way of the Lord.


Lord Jesus Christ. He is coming again.


Only the Father God knows no one else, even Jesus does not know.

How do I make the way for the Lord Jesus?

The bible speaks of this matter. You will make the path straight for the Lord. John the Baptist a prophet had the same calling. John was a prophet. Fill in the valleys, pull down the hills and mountains. All flesh is equal. The humble will be exalted and the proud will be humbled. Many prophets come and go. Making the path straight for Jesus is a hard task and it could take a long time.

Wise one do you know when Jesus is coming?


But you are wise.

I am wise. I can only go by the weather.

Weather why the weather?

I look at the changing seasons in life, I see the present, I think of the past and I can perceive the future. I can see the pattern of life taking place. I see the picture taking effect. There is a season there is a time for the second coming of Jesus and this time will fit in exactly the right time to make the picture of life right. God the Father is a perfect painter. God the Father knows the complete picture but only He.

But does not Jesus sit at God the Fathers right hand side in heaven should not Jesus know everything too?

Yes but the Father is more glorified than the Son. It’s the Father who brings everything under the control of Jesus, all is put at Jesus’ feet and then when this is complete Jesus comes under the Father.

Thank you wise one.

Are you ready?

Ready for what?

To learn from me.

But I have been haven’t I.

You have but are you ready to learn one on one?

I know the listening.

There are many sounds, many claim to know, but are you wise?

I don’t know. I am in a body, a universal body of thought, my mind is open. And many false teachers and false prophets abound. My mind and heart are assaulted day and night. The kingdom of God is full of those who claim to know and don’t know. The kingdom of God is full of sinners. The kingdom of God is under attack. The body of Christ is far from perfect.

So do you think the body of Christ is complete and ready for resurrection and rising?

I don’t know.

Then neither do I know.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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