“Religion is a crux”. So says Churchill. And I agree. Churchill says “reason should rule”. 

I say all humans need a crux. We need support. We need something to hold us up. For me my crux is the cross. The cross holds me up. The cross held Jesus Christ up. I am like one of the two criminals on crosses on each side of Jesus. I am like the sinner on the cross next to Jesus that repented. My old sinful nature dies on the cross. My sins die on the cross with Jesus. Jesus went before us. We in our bodies live the death, resurrection, and risen Christ. Our crux is the cross. Religion with all it’s rituals and sacraments can but be all show whereas the truly saved person goes through what Jesus went through but this goes on in the inside. Religion can be an outside thing whereas true religion is more an inside thing. Religion can help us to get to our deliverance. Religion can be our support until we are strong enough to be supported by just the cross. It is hard to let just the cross hold us up so religion can make it easier. Reason can rule us better when we are dead to the ruling by the flesh. On the cross we die to the sins of the flesh. We go through a salvation. Our souls are freed from our sins. 
Religion can not save us but it can help us. Religion can help us bear the pain of salvation. Religion can bring people together to help one another. 
I saw the movie “Churchill” today. It was interesting but I was not impressed. The film portrays Churchill as a grumpy old man. Did this film do Churchill justice? 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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