One man is responsible for the lives of many men. One man can end up being responsible for the deaths of many men. Take a pyramid, why take stones away from the pyramid from the bottom? The bottom stones of the pyramid are holding up the other stones. The stone at the top is held up by all the other stones. The top stone depends on all the other stones. The top stone is in charge because he is at the top and at the top he sees all. 

The stones below the top stone have their work to hold up other stones on top of them but the stone at the top holds up no one. The top stone has no other stones to support so he is free to rule. But what happens if one stone has to be sacrificed? The sins of many have to fall on one. The one sacrifice is killed. The one is removed. To take a stone from the lower part of the pyramid will cause the pyramid to be unstable, the pyramid might fall. Others depend on that stone. But no one depends on the top stone. The top stone the apex stone can be sacrificed and the pyramid will not lose its stability. The top stone holds no one up. The top stone is supported by all the other stones but he supports no one. We need a sin offering, one stone has to be that offering. The best place to take the sin offering stone is from the top, the top stone. The top stone looks all important, I mean it’s at the top, but this is not so, it’s the very bottom stones that are the most important. The very bottom stones hold up all the other stones. So we can sacrifice our top leaders when we need to say stop war. Sacrifice our top leader can save the whole pyramid. Some one has to take the blame. Sacrificing one stone can keep intact many stones. Leaders don’t like to die, they would prefer that their people died instead. 
Leaders lead from the rear. As you go up the military ranking you see the more ranked a person is the more distance they are leading from the front lines. The commissioned officers rule from the rear while the non commissioned ranks like sergeants and corporals rule from the front. Generals are far back from the front, they dine exquisitely, their clothes are always clean, they bath regularly, they sleep in warm comfortable beds. The front line troops, where the leaders are meant to be; slum it, eat K rations, have little sleep, wear lice infested clothes, and death is at the door day and night. Hitler should have been killed. Hitler should have been sacrificed. We had a holocaust caused by Hitler, the Jews were burned on the altar of Hitlers ovens. Germany might have taken a different route if Hitler was killed. Nazism was about Hitler. It was heil Hitler. A nation holds up its leaders. The Germans in mass were holding up Hitler. 
Leaders are usually cowards, they would rather put in front of them other people to fight the enemy, leaders hide even behind women and children. Take Osama Bin Laden, the mighty mighty tough terrorist defying the USA and its allies. The USA military seal team go in to his residence they get to his room where he is hiding, he does not try and defend himself but puts one of his wives in front of him. Hey he’s trying to hide behind a woman. Does that look brave? Why did he not try and fight it out? I mean did he not have a good cause to fight for? Apparently not, it was all just maybe ego. Shoot my wife not me. In good causes we fight to defend our wives and children not use them as human shields against bullets. 
Jesus did not hide behind women’s skirts. Jesus took it on the chin. Jesus did not fight, true, but he did not hide. Jesus believes physical warfare is wrong. Jesus fights in Spirit. Jesus was and is the top leader. A leader of His Kingdom. Jesus Kingdom is NOT of this world. Jesus fought in Spirit against the evil spiritual forces of darkness. Jesus the top leader in His Kingdom died to save all those who are and come in to His Kingdom. One man died to save many. 
Men: male and female.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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