SPY MISTRESS (book Title) 

Normally I like to read a good spy book. But after reading some 40% to 50% of this book I started to tire of this book. I read 62% and I will end it there. Besides its a library book an E book on the Internet and my time with the book will expire in 2 days and I don’t intend to get it renewed. 

This book is a real life book. It’s reality, no novel, it’s non fiction not fiction. Vera Atkins was a real living person. I don’t read novels, have not for yonks, I read real, books based on real people and real events. I love a good biography. It’s the same for me with movies I much prefer movies based on true people and true events.  
Vera Atkins was a SOE spy. Special Operations Executive. I think the book got rancid for me when Vera stayed put. I like to see movement, you know, you are also known by your actions. Words are ok but words and actions are better. The book was enlivening for the first couple of chapters, Vera was in Europe or going back and forth to Europe from Great Britain. It was the Second World War. Vera helped with the founding of SOE. We see Government agency rivalries. The SIS (secret intelligence service) or what some may call MI6 (military intelligence BUT was not military. It started military in its hey days but moved predominantly civilian) hated this rival agency SOE. SIS was made up of mostly the ole boys network, you know all school boy tie. SIS employed the upper classes. SOE was classless, SIS hated that. SOE was Winston Churchill’s baby. Winston was upper class but he was a bit of a maverick against his so called top breeding. Chamberlain (Prime Minister before war with Germany) thought Churchill was a war monger. Churchill detested Hitler and made his feelings known often in the media. Chamberlain and his upper class set were scared of Hitler and were willing to compromise with Hitler to the hilt. Hitler just swept up nations in to his fold. Chamberlain was trying to stave off war with Great Britain. Poland was the turning point. It was war now. Churchill was now Prime Minister. SOE put agents in to enemy occupied countries, to make things hard for the enemy. Sabotage was the aim, slow down the enemy. The British military was old school, the officers were mostly officers in name only. These men were upper class and won their commissions by who you know or bought their commissions.
So coming up to the Second World War we have the class system still quite controlling in Great Britain. But Britain was only Great on the backs of the lower class English and on the backs of the foreigners living in the British Empire. 
Vera was very intelligent and she had good looks. The men were awed and spell bound by her. The military and Intelligence sector was dominated by males. Vera was a female in a male world. But the world especially males love good looks and intelligence. 
Why did I not see much action in the later chapters of the book? Vera later on in the war just stayed in ole blighty. Of course she sent agents out in to the field. Many agents were caught by the gestapo and were killed. 
Vera in the first few chapters was waring and whoring in Europe. She came from a Jewish family in Romania. Vera hid her Jewish roots. Anti semitism was rife, even among the upper classes in Great Britain. Vera when young became the lover of the German Ambassador to Romania. Then William Stevenson and the USA Intelligence people befriended her. The USA did not warm to class controlling the intelligence sector or the military. Vera had good friends here from the USA. Vera the secret Jew who hated seeing Hitler killing Jews and she hated the British upper classes initially appeasing Hitler. 
After the war ended Churchill lost his job as Prime Minister. The SOE was disbanded. The upper classes were still in control but very much weakened. Class was still there but it had peaked and was running out of steam.
I think Vera lost her moral credibility with me. I like my writers, hero’s and heroines and leaders to be moral. I don’t necessary follow intelligence and good looks. I follow WISDOM, but not any wisdom, I only follow the wisdom of Jesus Christ, that is God’s wisdom.
On Reflection:

I too was enamoured by Vera. Lots of good looks and high intelligence. Men are spell bound by her. But the further I read in to the book the spell began to break. Actions and words can deceive. What the world loves of actions and words can be so much different from the actions and words of God. 

So what is Vera’s true vocation? Bio chemist. Can I see her in a lab coat?

Vera was a spy but she was only a mistress (Spy Mistress). She was never wed to being a spy. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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