I am a “creavolutionist” (I think God created and life evolved) 

I don’t think the universe was created say 6000 years back. I think this universe has existed for thousands and thousands of years maybe millions of years. Diamonds in the ground may take millions of years to form. Diamonds are made out of carbon. 

Spirit created first. The universe was created from one point, the point is God Spirit. The universe started with an almighty bang, an explosion. “The Big bang”. Life came in with a bang. The universe is expanding. The start of the explosion meant the universe expanded initially at a very quick pace. The universe expanded initially at the speed of light. God is light. God can travel at the speed of light. God is energy. The energy of the Big Bang came from God Spirit. The energy of the universe over time is waning. God rested after the Big Bang. God put all his energy in to the Big Bang. Over time God will reenergise. Will this universe eventually lose all its energy and what then? Implode? And what happens if this universe wraps itself up; will God with his energy revitalised create another universe a new heaven and a new earth? When will our universe die out? The universe is still expanding but this is slowly slowly getting slower. It is like a rubber band; you stretch the band, but eventually the band can no longer be stretched, the band will then zap back to its beginning. The end becomes the beginning. All energy dies out after a time. God lost all his energy so He rested and in rest God restores all his energy. God may have to wait along time to restore all his energy and then will God create another universe? I don’t know. But God can do as He likes. To see the universe makes us think God had a lot of initial energy. And God is still resting. God can rest for thousands and thousands maybe millions of years. Gods time is not mans time. 
Evolution might have some standing. But it might not be all correct. The equation of evolution has to also have creation and creator. Evolution as it stands is minus intelligence and person. Evolution is about chance, it does not glory the head, it is brainless, it is about just nature worship, it is about the mother not the father. The father gives the seeds. The mother is not the seed. The seeds grow in Mother Nature. We must look up. We grow up not down; ok the roots go down, but we look up, to the light above, the father of light. We need Mother Earth to grow in and to put our roots down in but we also need the heavenly light. It’s the light that lets us see. Creation is about a person a creator person. Evolution by itself is not about a evolution person. We are human persons. We humans have intelligence. We humans think. So look to a creator person who is intelligent and thinks. We are made from the soil, the earth, the dust, but we are soul and spirit in the earth covering. 
The earth covering our planet looks like it took maybe millions of years to form. The earth is deep. Millions of years of plants growing and dying on the earths surface. Millions of years of creatures living and dying on the surface of the earth. Dead plants and dead creatures leeching through the soil. Plants and creatures are made out of a lot of carbon. This carbon leeching through the soil. Soil is made. Minerals are in the soil. Carbon makes coal, oil, and diamonds. Pressure in the earth fuses minerals together; hot temperatures below the earths surface fuse minerals together. We get gold and silver. Gold and silver may take millions of years to form. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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